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When you visit somewhere special on your luxury travels it’s always a good idea to take a private tour with a reputable private tour agency to really get behind the classic tourist trail and get the insider’s view of a place; when you’re visiting Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, this definitely means checking out Absolute Adventure Mexico and their fabulous range of tours.

Absolute Adventure Mexico

Absolute Adventure Mexico is a private tour agency and dive centre based in the beautiful city of Playa del Carmen in Mexico. They provide safe, high-quality adventure tours that are also fabulous fun! You have your own private English-speaking guide and private transportation. There’s a huge range of exciting activities in the Riviera Maya and a range of set tours to choose from or you can even customise your own exclusive trip with over 30 other combinations of tours to select from. Tours include: visits to ancient Mayan ruins, ATV and zip line tours, snorkelling trips, scuba diving and private boat trips. Their tours are cleverly planned to avoid the crowds giving you a much more personal experience. The guides are professional, friendly and engaged. They really go the extra mile to make sure that you have a wonderful mile and make the tours simply fascinating with their wealth of knowledge. These are slick tours perfect for luxury travellers.

Tulum ruins, Snorkelling in Cenote and with Turtles Private Tour

The ‘Tulum ruins, Snorkelling in Cenote and with Turtles Private Tour‘ is a 1-day tour visiting one of the most impressive sites in the Riviera Maya: the Tulum ruins. The ruins are one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in existence and are an enchanting sight, while you explore your guide will highlight the main temple and the impressive ancient Mayan artwork at the Temple of the Frescoes. As you are right by the coast on the Yucatán Peninsula, there’s also the chance to enjoy a cooling swim in a cenote of your choice. Snorkelling the crystal-clear waters and exploring the underground caves is an unforgettable experience. Next stop is a lunch at a Mayan restaurant in the jungle: delicious! Then finally you’re back with the snorkel again as you get the chance to swim with majestic sea turtles in the protected bay of Akumal.

ATV, Zipline and Swim in Cenote Private Tour

For an altogether more active excursion, try the ‘ATV, Zipline and Swim in Cenote Private Tour‘. A wonderful combo of speeding and swerving, flying, swimming and diving awaits with this totally new way to experience the Mayan Jungle. First the driving part as you drive through the jungle on an ATV, and yes that means totally off the beaten track, only pausing to enjoy the vegetation and glimpse the native wildlife. Next on the agenda is the flying part as you strap in and take to the skies on an entire circuit of zip lines! After all that you’ll really need the refreshing and cooling, wind-down swim in a stunning natural cenote.

Rio Lagartos, Las Coloradas Or Pink Lagoon

On the ‘Rio Lagartos, Las Coloradas or Pink Lagoon‘ tour you get the chance to discover the beautiful lagoon at the National Park of Rio Lagartos and the famous pink lakes of Las Coloradas with a private boat tour, some bird watching and of course, a delicious meal! The National Park of Rio Lagartos is packed with diverse wildlife including pink flamingos, herons, pelicans, eagles and crocodiles and you get some great views from your boat. Onto Las Coloradas which is home to the second largest salt factory in Mexico and which is known for its breathtakingly beautiful pink lagoon water; don’t forget your camera!

Absolute Adventure

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