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On your next visit to the stunning European country of Italy, really get under the skin of the place by taking a private tour. For luxury travelers, an exclusive private tour is the best way to really get to know a place, no more anonymous, packed coach trips but a unique view of a place in real comfort; which is exactly where Miles&Miles Private Tours comes in.

Style & Character

One of the lovely things about Miles&Miles Private Tours is that they are a family-run tour company. The founder, Roberto Miglio, was born and raised in Rome and is understandably passionate about his home city. With the help of his English wife and their extended family, he now works hard to share his knowledge and experience of Italy with his tour guests and deliver a true VIP service. You get to see the classic, popular sites of course, but the beauty of a knowledgeable local is that they also take you to the less-known places that only the locals know about.

This is very much an experience for luxury travelers; get picked up and dropped back at your hotel, relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned Mercedes, and be treated like royalty throughout by your exceptional guides.

Tour Locations

Miles&Miles Private Tours run tours all over Italy, visiting top cities including Florence, Venice, Naples, areas such as the Amalfi Coast, and they even venue out of Italy to the Spanish city of Barcelona. Read on for our top 3 favorite tours in Rome to give you a taster of how the tours operate…

History & Fun Half Day City Tour of Rome

The perfect introduction to the city, this 5-hour driver guided tour covers all the major highlights, take it early on in your stay to get your bearings. Relax in your vehicle as you cruise the sights, get out for pictures, or take a closer look and indulge in the odd foodie stop for a typical Italian coffee or some delicious homemade Ravioli. As your tour is run by a native Roman tour escort, you get to see the real face of the city hidden behind ivy-clad corners, open-air markets, and underground passageways; this is the side of Rome that the tourists miss and it feels all the more special for it.

Colosseum & The Vatican In A Day

If your time in Rome is short and you don’t want to spend too much time walking aimlessly, try this walking tour which gives you 90 minutes at the Colosseum and 3 hours at the Vatican. Your guide will escort you around the most important parts of the Colosseum and will help you to understand its’ fascinating 2000-year-old history. At the Vatican you have a more in-depth and very informative tour, seeing the highlights of the 1,400 rooms which span 4 miles and are filled with more than 70,000 works of art! Your tour includes access to the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica; just make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

Exclusive Rome Underground Tour

This is one of those tours that give you a unique view of the city that most tourists would just never experience. Who knew that under the modern city of Rome there are another 7 levels of ancient cities! This tour is part driving, part walking, and takes you to the amazing multi-layered church at the Basilica of San Clemente, an underground archaeological site, the ancient burial grounds of The Catacombs, and an underground Crypt. Totally fascinating, very informative and, as on all Miles&Miles Private Tours, your guide makes the whole experience lots of fun for all and thoroughly memorable.

Miles&Miles Private Tours

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