5 Reasons To Love The Qatar Airways Business Class QSuite


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The Middle Eastern airlines are currently the best in the world and I recently compared Emirates Vs. Etihad Vs. Qatar. Qatar has just launched a new Business Class Suite at ITB Berlin, and it is a game-changer, offering First Class style seating in their new Business Class Suite named the QSuite. You can navigate your way around the QSuite cabin, which we’ve reviewed in the video below, and the stylish purple-hued product looks to be the real deal.

Reasons To Love The QSuite

Why is the QSuite so special? Because it is a true First Class suite delivered in Business Class. The QSuite is much like the First suite offered by other airlines. Qatar is the only airline to offer this kind of suite in Business Class, which put simply, means that when you have a choice of airlines to travel in Business Class, from now on, if there is a chance you might experience this new QSuite, you should pick Qatar Airways.

1. Privacy

The QSuite is a suite with a door. If you are traveling by yourself, the window seats are excellent as you can close yourself into your window suite, and you will experience complete privacy. Equally, if you are traveling as a couple, you can lower one wall and have a couple’s private room with all surrounding walls shut.

2. It Is Perfect For Everyone

The QSuite is perfect for families, couples as well as lone travelers giving as much or as little privacy as you want, because the wall between the seats can be opened and, if you are traveling as a four, the tables will create one big dining table which is unique to Qatar Airways. Equally, for a couple, the 2 beds are next to each other, so by lowering the wall between the seats, you will have a full double bed.

3. The QSuite Is Unique

No other airline offers a double bed or a dinner table for four in Business Class.

4. Qatar Is Not Cutting Corners

The whole service and food offering is akin to First Class on other airlines, with an amazing food menu, gorgeous BRIC’s amenity kit, and excellent White Company pajamas, all of the comparable quality to First.

5. There Is A Good Chance Of Flying In A QSuite

So many airlines launch a new product and are then slow to roll it out across their fleet. The American Super Diamond Suite, United Polaris, and Delta One seats are just some examples of excellent new suites that have been launched. Still, you are unlikely to experience them in the near future due to the slow rollout across their respective fleets.

This is not the case with Qatar as the QSuite will be fitted to all new A350-1000 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. It will also be retrofitted to Qatar’s existing Boeing 777 fleet. These are currently the worst seats offered by this carrier (see our review of Qatar on Boeing 777), and these will be replaced by the best seats offered by Qatar the best.

Seats will also be retrofitted on the Qatar 787 Dreamliner and A380 (although timelines have not been released) but the Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft will not be refitted with the QSuite so, in future, these will be the planes to avoid.

The first flight sporting the new QSuite will be on the Boeing 777, flying between Heathrow and Doha, which should launch around June. Paris and New York routes will follow.

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