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Sailing In The Balearic Islands With Ibiza Formentera Charter


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Is there anything more fun than putting the anchor down in a secluded cove and diving into crystal clear waters? Yachting in the Balearic Islands could not be more idyllic. Get out your snorkel and flip-flops as this is the best way to enjoy the natural and unspoilt side of Ibiza.

Ibiza Formentera Charter know the best coves, beaches and evening hot-spots in and around Ibiza and Formentera. Luis Fernandez, who runs Ibiza Formentera Charters, was kind enough to share some insider info with me and explains why he thinks yachting in the Balearic Islands is simply the best thing in the world!

How many people do you take out on a typical charter?
Our sailboats have 3 or 4 cabins, that means they fit 6 to 8 guests, with the skippers sleeping in the saloon. During high season, that’s July through mid September, we usually charter full weeks, from Saturday to Saturday. We do run shorter charters sometimes, but there is a 4 day minimum. The rest of the year we are pretty flexible, with weekends being very popular in May and June.

Do people usually book as separate couples or do families travel together?
Usually we book full boats. So people come with their families or get a group of friends together. If you fill the boat it’s actually cheaper than getting a hotel, and a lot of our customers take advantage of that. We do sometimes run by the cabin and by the berth charters as well.

Where are the best places to sail to in and around Ibiza?
Our base is in Formentera, right in the Marina. Formentera is the island right under Ibiza, and a real treasure of the mediterranean. The waters are crystal clear, thanks to the “posidonia” seagrass, and the blue colours easily rival those of the Caribbean. Ses Illetes is among the 10 best beaches in the world and the best one in Europe, that’s according to Tripadvisor not us!! definitely a must see. The private island of Espalmador is another great stop, virgin beaches with no civilization around. We usually also sail up to the south part of Ibiza, where we get a taste of glamour and nightlife at the Blue Marlin beach Club of cala Jondal. Es Vedrá and Atlantis provide the mystical touch to the trip. The great thing about sailing around Ibiza and Formentera is that there is a plan for everyone, you can take it easy and enjoy nature or hit the parties and the glamour spots…or you can do both!!

If I booked a long weekend (or won a weekend in our travel auction), what will by trip be like?
During the days we will go sailing, which is always great fun. Everyone is welcome to learn and take a turn at the helm or help with the sails. Of course if they want to sit back and just enjoy the experience, we do all the work. We will stop and see great places like I mentioned before, Espalmador, Ses Illetes, Es Vedrá…this time of year it will all be pretty much just for us.

And what about the evenings?
For the trip in your travel auction, for Friday and Saturday nights we plan on sleeping in the marina in Formentera. There are great places where we can sample the local cuisine, and we explore some of the nightlife. On Sunday night our plan is to head up to Cala Jondal and visit the Blue Marlin Beach Club, which will be celebrating it’s opening weekend. Weather permitting, we will sleep in Cala Jondal under anchor.

What are the best experiences you had on your boat charters?
It’s hard to pick moments, as the whole experience is usually pretty intense. When you go sailing, the rest of the world sort of fades away, and you concentrate on what’s happening on the boat. It’s a great way to unplug from the stress of modern life. Whether it is sighting some dolphins, sitting in a white sand beach, snorkelling through crystal clear waters or visiting a cove accessible only by boat, it’s all about enjoying the moment and not thinking about what’s next. Sunsets are usually one of the great events of the day, after which some of our guests enjoy going ashore to explore the nightlife.

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