American Airlines Premium Economy Review


Premium Economy class seats sit between Business class and Economy on airliners like Virgin and British Airways. The product tends to offer wider seats with more leg room and an upgraded meal.

US airlines do not currently offer a Premium Economy service and instead simply offer the odd seat with extra legroom, but these seats usually remain same seat width and do not offer a premium food and drink service. American Airlines currently offers 9-across seating in their “Main Cabin Extra” sections on their Boeing 777s. American, Delta, and United do not yet offer a true Premium Economy class.

But it seems the lack of Premium Economy on American Airlines is set to change. According to Australian Business Traveller, American Airlines looks set to offer their first true Premium Economy seating in 2016: “We’re looking at it,” American Airlines CEO Doug Parker told Australian Business Traveller earlier this month, after a pause to carefully choose his words. “We think there’s a lot of opportunity there.”

What can we expect from American Airlines Premium Economy? Well nobody knows for sure but to keep in line with other industry offerings, I would expect around 19 inches of width and around 38 inch pitch, and larger HD monitor, noise-cancelling headphones and of course, an improved food and drink offering. All this would most likely be separated from the main cabin with a curtain, giving these seats more privacy.

I like premium economy. I travel with my family and 3 seats in Business or First can be hugely pricy on a regular basis. Because travelling in Economy on long-haul is not much fun, I often choose Premium Economy. You can read this review for more details and pictures of the American Airlines Premium Economy, as well finding out which are the top 10 best Premium Economy airlines in the world. I have also reviewed the current American Airlines Business Class, my review of the best new Business Class Suites on Delta, United and American Airlines and my top 10 Best Business Class airlines for long-haul travel.