Capri Palace Dreams In Cream Perched In Anacapri


Capri Palace

Located In Italy

Stroll up a windy path, past water features, and underneath the main pool. Brush past the tropical palms and bougainvillea that overhang and you reach the vaulted foyer that is The Capri Palace. The decor is a million shades of dreamy cream and complemented by fantastic and unusual artwork. The staff are welcoming and will be expecting you. They have been working there for many years, and there is nothing relating to your stay they don’t know or can’t help you with.

Each room is different, and above base level, most are large and stylish, replicating the cream tones of the lobby. Most have large canopied beds, and the bathrooms are beautifully finished, although they can be on the small side. The tiling and decor in our last bathroom reminded me of the inside of a luxurious pyramid. Rooms either have a balcony looking out over the pool and, in the distance, the island of Ischia, or face the mountain and offer a patio or, my favorite, a private pool.

Room To Book
The Capri Palace is a member of the Leading Hotels Of The World. Don’t book the basic room unless you are a Leaders Unlimited member and can be guaranteed an upgrade. These rooms are small and lack any outside space. Leaders Club Unlimited will guarantee you an upgrade to a Sea View with a balcony. My preference is booking the deluxe sea view to be upgraded to a pool room, but this option isn’t cheap.

Spa And Pool
By Capri standards, the pool is large, and there are certainly plenty of loungers in their beautifully tended tropical garden. Wait for the nice pool man who will make up for you. The Spa is meant to be superb – Liz Hurley comes here for their effective leg treatments, which I think says it all.

At night Capri evolves into one of the most romantic places on the planet, and the same is true of the Capri Palace. At night the entire hotel seems to be candlelit. Lanterns adorn every corner and shelf, and the entire world seems to be bathed in a subtle glow.

Hop in an open-topped taxi down to Capri town. Stroll over to the busy square and grab the first table that becomes available. In the height of the summer, finding a seat is a feat in itself. Still, no worries, if you can’t find one, then do a circuit around the backstreets, maybe grab a drink outside the Quisisana hotel, maybe indulge in one of the designer shops before returning to find that elusive free seat. Now you can relax for a few hours and absorb the soap opera of the Capri passers-by.

Our highlight is the wonderful 2 Michelin Star L’Olivio, which is an indulgence of beautiful fish and pasta with Mediterranean flavors. Apparently, they light 300 candles here every night to maintain the perfect ambiance, and it is just that. Perfect. Nab a seat by the huge open windows and feel the Capri breeze melt all the stress of the real world away. The waiters are weirdly intuitive, almost psychic. They know your glass is empty, whether your bag needs its own seat (yes, mine likes to have its very own seat where possible!), whether your napkin has fallen on the floor before you do. Quite astounding, what you need literally appears in front of you before you even know you need it.

But diner beware, it’s best to respect where you are and what you’re eating. The last time we were fortunate enough to enjoy a meal here, there was an extremely loud and obnoxious woman on the table in front of us, talking on her phone constantly and insisting on a caesar salad. Now I like a Caesar salad, but where possible, I try and refrain from shouting orders at waiters and screaming my displeasure at any menu that lacks my favorite lettuce and crouton treat. The motto of this story reader: Stick to the carefully crafted menu for your evening dining, or when you need directions to the toilet, you may be sent tottering through the undergrowth and into the distance.

Not So Good
My husband and I are light sleepers and although the rooms are cool and relaxing, come 6:00 am (feels like 4:00 am), the restaurant and each room opens their electric shutters. First one, then another, then another… you get the picture! This is particularly bad in the rooms at the front as L’Olivio starts preparing for breakfast early, which is why we prefer the rooms at the back. We have also had the problem that the floors are a stone tile, and if a lady happens to be in the room above, you can hear her clip-clopping heals through your ceiling. These are, however, minor gripes in an otherwise excellent hotel.

The base rooms are just that, more basic than the rest. Nice decor, but some dont have a balcony and feel small and claustrophobic.

Anacapri is sleepy in comparison to Capri town. Not all the crowds make it up this far, so during the day, you can wander through the streets without being jostled. Conversely, you are not in the center of things, and if you just want to pop out for a new handbag or a cola in the square, you have the hassle of having to taxi down the hill, or you can take the sweaty sardine can bus for a couple of euros which is not the most pleasant experience.

If you really don’t like heights, don’t stay here. The road between Capri and Anacapri is hairy, to say the least. It winds up and up the mountain like an alpine road to a ski resort. When you reach the top, parts of the road are built on stilts that stick out of the side of the mountain! Capri Palace and its L’Olivio, which you should visit even if you are not staying, are worth the ride, but you had better pray the breaks on your taxi work!

Join Leaders club. In midsummer, it may be worth joining unlimited for $1,200 USD and a guaranteed room upgrade and an amenity. This hotel is generous with upgrades out of season, but in season, unless you are a regular guest, they have every right not to upgrade you at all.

Out of season, joining the standard leaders club for $150 USD will suffice and will get you an upgrade and an amenity.

  • Capri Palace entrance to L'Olivio
    Capri Palace entrance to L'Olivio

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