Top Poolside Must Haves For Your Summer Vacation


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The beautiful sunshine that the UK is enjoying this week has made me think about what I’m going to be taking with me poolside on my luxury travels this summer. My top 5 poolside must-haves are both things that make my time at the pool or on the beach more comfortable and also add vital style points!…

1. Holistic Wellness Skincare

Keep yourself looking your very best throughout your travels with multi-award-winning Kear Skincare, a premium skincare brand with natural, ethically sourced, clean skincare formulations that harness powerful herbs and essential oils.

We particularly like their travel-size face and body balms that they call “Little Candy” because they are colorful and playful. These all-natural, non-toxic are based on timeless skincare formulas from ancient Greece. Kear face and body balms protect your skin by creating a layer to defend it from stressful elements and environmental pollution, making these formulas are ideal for stressed skin when you travel.

These agedefying™ and antioxidant face balms offer an instant mini-lift effect, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and delivering healthy, radiant, and velvety skin.
Plant Heroes™ Body Balm works wonders on dry, dehydrated, chapped skin, such as heels, cuticles, hands, elbows, and knees. Rich in restorative calendula and St. John’s Wort, this natural body balm smoothes out visible imperfections and effectively attends to cellulite.

Their Soothing Body Balm is the ultimate tense body and muscle “refreshment”, rich in natural anti-inflammatory arnica. Perfect for pains, bruises, arthritis, sore muscles, tired feet, and stiff neck.

These travel-sized containers make these mini-size balms perfect for your purse, pocket, backpack, beach bag, or ski jacket and provide for an instant beauty boost quickly!

2. Aruku Backpack Or Bag

The clever team at Aruku has spent all their working lives traveling and commuting and discovered first-hand that there are few bags that answer the needs of busy women who carry laptops, shoes, wallets, phones, make-up, and more… so they set out to create one!

Aruku Backpacks are designed in London and handmade in the same factory as some of the world’s most well-known luxury brands.

Aruku put as much love into the inside of their bags as they do the outside. They have designed special compartments to fit all the things you need to carry in your day and all the interiors feature bold patterns inspired from travels around the world.

Using the highest quality materials that are both beautiful and hard-wearing, each bag is made by a team of highly skilled artisans to ensure their bags are made to last. We love their leather longevity. These bags are a great travel investment as they are built to last.

3. Boto Swim Trunks

Boto Swimwear offer a stylish and tailored swim short to flatter the modern man.

Designed in Montreal, the brand was created after frustrations at the lack of suitable swim shorts available for men. With an emphasis on comfort and fit but not at the cost of great style, the manufacturing process is likened to that of tailoring a fine suit. Another priority is that they are fast-drying; all the shorts are made with an ultra-soft, quick-drying fabric. To finish the high-end look and to increase durability and lifespan, Boto uses the highest quality zippers, eyelets, and snap buttons. There are multiple size options, including different lengths, which means, whatever your style, you will find a Boto trunk to fit.

For Boto and its customers, environmentalism has always been a core value. They believe that it is our shared responsibility to protect our planet and its natural resources to be enjoyed now and for future generations. Their 1% For the Planet membership allows them to formalize their commitment to environmental stewardship. When people wear their Boto shorts at the pool, the beach, or wherever their journey takes them, they know they are contributing to help the planet 1% at a time.

4. Niccolò P. Polo Shirts

Niccolò P. launched in 2018 and is based in London. The brand offers a range of classic wardrobe essentials for men but specializes in polo shirts and t-shirts. They use the very best premium and luxury cotton, including Sea Island and Egyptian Mako cotton, and the products are designed specifically for the modern man who loves to travel, making them THE polo shirt for the luxury traveler.

They are deliberately available online only and so have much-reduced overheads compared to conventional brands. They pass on these cost savings to their customers, meaning a very affordable but extremely high-quality product.

Niccolò P. polo shirts are innovatively created with several unique features:
The polo shirts have pristine flat felled seams, which creates a more durable and comfortable garment that is less likely to lose its shape.

Niccolò P. polo shirts are called “The Friday + Weekend Polo”. They have stand collars that sit properly under a jacket or blazer, ensuring that the jacket doesn’t directly touch the neck. This makes them ideal for a slightly more casual Friday, for the weekend, and, of course, for travel.

All the polo shirts are finished with Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, which have no comparison for strength. Some are also dyed to match the exact Pantone® color of the fabric.

The polo shirts are deliberately logo-free, creating a classier aesthetic. They are available in a range of colors that are a little different from the norm, so you can stand out this summer.

5. Ripa Ripa Men’s Capri Shirts & Swimshorts

To ensure a trendy gent poolside, they simply have to be wearing a pair of ultra-chic, Italian Ripa & Ripa Men’s Swimshorts or one of their classically dashing Capri Shirts.

Anna Laura Hoefer and Oliviero Muzi Falconi are the co-founders of one of Italy’s first brands to challenge men’s swimwear as we know it. Ripa & Ripa was born when Oliviero was looking for a new pair of swim shorts in Milan and decided to spend an afternoon going through stores. All of the shorts he found felt too synthetic, were covered in either sharks or penguins, and made him feel like he was wearing a parachute. A search began to find someone who could make swimwear for them, stylish swimwear that seemed more appropriate for the fashion-conscious man.

Gone are the tacky numbers covered in sharks or penguins. Instead, enter understated elegance combined with contemporary design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. The drawstring swimsuit was redesigned for a tailored cut and manufactured in Italy with a keen eye for sartorial detail. The perfectly cut designs are inspired by the vibrant, stonewashed colors of the Mediterranean and by the retro aesthetics of vintage sailing boats, perfect for the stylish male to be super comfortable beachside.

Ripa Ripa Capri Shirts revisit a vintage cut from the 1960s, famously worn by Gianni Agnelli during his summers in Capri. A halfway cross between a polo and a shirt, the casual cut is perfect for a day at the sea. The shirt is cut in light, high-quality Italian linen, which grows softer and supple the more it gets worn.

Ripa Ripa truly stands for spontaneous, understated style with the very best of modern design and expert craftsmanship, and both their swimwear and linenwear collections embody the essence of the Italian summer. Striving to give each item its own unique personality as well as ensure its premium, high-quality finish, you can rest assured your latest Ripa Ripa purchase will remain a timeless classic and a wardrobe staple.

6. Flopz

The most comfortable and practical footwear for the poolside has to be the flip flop, and my flip flops definitely have to be flopZ. Their colorful flip-flops come in a fab range of colors and feature a unique massaging sensation to keep your feet feeling rejuvenated all day long.

FlopZ hip designs are inspired by tropical oceans and combine the unique luminescence of tropical fish and coral reefs. The huge range has masculine, feminine, and neutral designs. There’s a flopZ flip flop for everyone! As well as looking stunning on your feet, they feature a unique flopZ gel insole that treats your feet to their very own little massage as you stroll about the pool. Even better, the gel protects the colorful designs so they don’t suffer the irritating fade that many brands do. It’s not just us they’ve got seduced either; flopZ have featured in Vogue, Grazia, OK, Good Housekeeping, and Conde Nast Traveller and is stocked in some of the most exclusive Resorts and Spas in the world, including the One & Only Spa Reethi Rah in the Maldives.

7. Heidi Klein Swimwear

A beautiful bikini will ensure you stand out poolside and is an essential poolside must-have. My Hamptons Bikini looks even better in the flesh than on the website. Straight from their latest Heidi Klein collection, I have already worn it around the pool at the Royal Riviera Hotel (pictured above) this spring and it looked fabulous!

8. BohoBellaMar Jewellery

Funky, bohemian jewelry has a real summery vibe and looks fab poolside; the range from BohoBellaMar is gorgeous and perfectly fits this brief. The eclectic, unique, and chic pieces are inspired by the sunshine of Marbella with an added touch of Scandinavian simplicity. The jewelry features natural gemstones such as Amazonite and Obsidian, as well as colored Jade stones. The recent collection was inspired by Thailand and is a stunning set with Moss Agate stones and gold.

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