Tips To Book Cheap Long-Haul Flights


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Here are my tips for booking cheap First, Business Class, Premium Economy, or Coach long-haul flight tickets to and from anywhere in the world. These discounts are valid on all the major airlines, including Delta, United, American, Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, Hapan Airlines, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

My tips incorporate booking cheap and discounted tickets during sales. It is also worth checking my long-haul flight reviews to work out which airline offers the most prestigious products in your travel class. I share my opinion on which Business Class I think is best; American Airlines vs. United vs. Delta, American Airlines vs. British Airways and finally British Airways vs. Virgin Atlantic.

1. Use A Business & First Class Specialist

This tip is quite simple. Contact our flight experts will quote you cheaper for Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class flights from and to anywhere in the world.

2. Book Sale Tickets

Most airlines offer sales from time to time, and if you add yourself to the mailing list of each major airline that you plan to book with, you will be notified when they have a sale. You can then get a quote for the same sale ticket from our flight experts. We will almost definitely be cheaper for all classes, Coach, Premium Economy, Business, and First.

3. Book Unusual Routings

Blogs for ex-US flights tend to keep readers up to date with incredible fares that involve traveling via hubs you might not have thought of to snag long-haul tickets on the cheap.

4. Consider Other Airlines

You may get a better deal flying on Finnair or another national airline with indirect routes rather than on airlines like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, American and United Airlines.

5. Use Frequent Flyer Miles

Another way to snag First and Business Class airfares is using frequent flyer miles or points collected via credit cards. Credit cards also sometimes offer upgrade vouchers as a bonus for hitting certain spending on your card. Alternatively, you can convert points like American Express Membership Rewards into air miles. This means I earn flights from my credit card spend.

Remember that availability of these mileage seats can be low, and redeeming miles for airline tickets often means that you still have to pay a surcharge for taxes and “fees” so these flights are not free.

6. Book Early

It’s almost always better to book as far ahead as possible. Avoid school holidays on sunny routes and travel on weekdays to holiday destinations. For city breaks to working towns, the reverse is true. London, Brussels, and Zurich tend to be cheaper to stay in and travel to on weekends and during the summer holidays. Paris empties out in August with the French going on holiday, making this a comparatively quiet and cheap time to travel to and visit Paris. Contact our luxury travel concierge for free hotel upgrades, breakfasts and more.

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