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I reviewed Business Class on the Emirates Boeing 777-200LR, flying from a trip from Brussels to Dubai. The Business Class on this flight extends through two cabins, a small cabin containing two rows of fourteen seats and a second and larger cabin containing 28 seats spread over four rows. A galley kitchen, the Business Class toilets, and the main exit doors are located between these two cabins.

The layout is 2-3-2, so not all passengers have aisle access. This means there are seats to avoid on the Emirates B777-200LR if you appreciate a view or aisle access.  This luxury cabin is decorated in walnut veneer with gold trim. With mood lighting during the flight. The stars on the ceiling at night are lovely and fun when lying in your bed.

Business Class Seat Review On Emirates B777-200LR

All Business Class seats on the 777-200LR are the same length (60 inches 150 cm) and width (20.5 inches/52 cm). Storage is in the overhead, and a small box is in front of the seat. All seats have an in-seat power supply.

Each Business Class seat has three windows with two electronically controlled shades: paper-type and black-out. A privacy divider or wall can be raised, which turns your seat into a private pod. All seats can be reclined to a flatbed: well, an angled lie flatbed that is very comfy. A duvet is supplied during the flight.

There isn’t a huge amount to choose between the Business Class seats on this flight. All Business Class seats on the 777-200LR are the same length (150 cm) and width (52 cm). Storage is in the overhead bulkheads, and there is only a tiny additional storage box in front of the seat. All seats have a power supply. Each window Business Class seat looks over three windows with 2 electronically controlled shades: one paper-type shade plus a black-out shade.

The privacy wall can be raised when you like, transforming your seat into a private area. All seats can be reclined to an angled, lie-flat bed, which is comfy. A duvet can be requested.

Worst Business Class Seats On Emirates’ Boeing 777-200LR?

In my opinion, the worst Business Class seats on Emirates’ Boeing 777-200LR are in row 6, at the front of the small first cabin. These bulkhead seats are directly behind First Class and have a little extra legroom or view in terms of watching what is happening inside the plane.

However, the smaller cabin is quieter and further away from the noise of Economy Class, so these are at least quiet seats. The seats in row 8: at the front of the larger second cabin, also have the same lack of legroom. These are also bassinet crib seats, so business travelers are slightly more likely to be moved for a passenger with an infant.

I think the worst Business Class seats on Emirates’ Boeing 777-200LR are seats 7A & 7K: these window seats are missing a window, so if you lean back, you’re just looking at a wall. Row 11 at the back of Business Class is separated from Economy by only a thin wall and curtain. These are right in front of the Economy Class bassinet crib spots so it could be noisy.

Amenity Kit Review In Business Class On Emirates B777-200LR

Each seat has a thin but comfortable blanket, a large pillow, a lovely duvet, noise-canceling headphones, flight socks, and earplugs. No amenity kits (like during my A380 flight) or pajamas (like Qatar Airways) were offered.

Food Review In Business Class On Emirates B777-200LR

I was offered a glass of water, orange juice, or Veuve Cliquot at boarding. Forty minutes after takeoff, lunch was served. As an appetizer, I choose the Gravadlax center-cut cured salmon fillet, served with potato salad flavored with sweet mustard, accompanied by horseradish creme fraiche and lime. It tasted excellent. The main course was delicious: roast lamb rack served with creamy chive mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, green beans, sautéed fresh spinach, roasted shallots, and a rich lamb jus lié. I chose the passion fruit terrine for dessert: a smooth passion fruit mousse with a tangy mirror glaze on a soft coconut base served with a raspberry confit. Excellent!

Entertainment System Review In Business Class On Emirates B777-200LR

Emirates’ entertainment system, ICE (information, communications, entertainment) is impressive. ICE has many new-release and classic films, television shows, box sets, and audio options. You can also watch the outside camera on your screen. The Emirates 777 has one facing forward and one facing straight down (but no tail camera like on the A380). Wi-Fi was not available during this flight.

The three major Middle Eastern carriers (Etihad airways, Emirates, and Qatar Airways) are known for their excellent Business Class. However, some differences distinguish one from another. The noteworthy differences include the complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfers offered by Etihad and Emirates but not by Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways offers pajamas on overnight medium- and long-haul flights, while Etihad and Emirates only offer them in First Class. Qatar Airways and Emirates offer duvets on medium-haul flights (to increase sleeping comfort), while Etihad only offers them on long-haul flights.

You can read more of our Emirates Business Class and Emirates First Class flight reviews and our comparison between Emirates vs. Etihad vs. Qatar Airways: the best airline in the Middle East.

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