Best Christmas Gifts For Travellers In 2022


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Once every year, we swerve away from our usual articles, which mainly comprise hotel reviews and comparisons, to try and inspire. With travel fully open in most of the world for 2023, it’s time to book a winter break and to treat all the luxury travelers in your life with an original Christmas gift.

1. Vuliwear

Every luxury vacation requires a new pair of stylish shades to escort you to the pool or to the bar for evening drinks. But what would your loved one prefer? Aviators or wayfarers? Ultra-small or ultra-large lenses? Futuristic wrap-around or classic movie star sunglasses with thick black frames?

Vuliwear is has some brilliant sunglasses and is an independent, black woman-owned brand that is beautifully handcrafted in Italy. The name ‘Vuli’ actually means “shade” in Swahili. Their gender-neutral, designer, high-quality nylon lenses are fully polarized and reduce glare for better color, clarity, and detail, and provide UVA/UVB protection from the sun. These are glasses for stylish individuals who appreciate art, fashion, and nature.

All of their Plano (non-prescription) sunglasses are unisex and made with high-quality polarized lenses that reduce glare for better color, clarity, and detail and provide UVA/UVB protection from the sun. The Vuliwear mission is to build a collection of distinctive clothing and fashion accessories that are quality, innovative and creative. They call it “functional fashion” and want to be a part of your own personal style statement.

Vuliwear sunglasses challenge the norm by focusing on the lenses as opposed to the frame, like most eyewear designers. While the frame is certainly important, Vuliwear’s distinctive lenses and a twist on the classic aviator frame are both made in Italy. That’s why so many people choose Vuliwear. Their exclusive lenses are inspired by the awesome colors and patterns of the eyes of insects. Their muse was not found in people but instead in the creepy-crawly world. Fashion and nature at its best!

The Vuliwear collection appreciates the eyewear market is saturated, but when you’re wearing a pair of Vuli’s, you can be confident the light-weight metal frames and protective designer lenses will confirm you’ve made the right choice, so it’s time to shade up!

2. zChocolat

For the flavor of a “luxury hotel” and the gourmet taste of far-off lands, look no further than zChocolat’s finest French chocolates. If you have ever enjoyed the pleasure of a fine dining restaurant or perhaps a luxury hotel amenity as you arrive in your room, these delicious chocolates will remind your palette of luxury experiences from your past and those which are planned in the future.

This is a gift to remember for your loved ones and yourself. French chocolate gifts that capture the wonder and cheer of your most cherished moments. Special-edition packaging means that you have a beautifully carved moment keepsake box even after the last chocolate has been eaten.

3. Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma is one of my favorite fragrance brands. I think it’s because the fragrances evoke the Mediterranean trips that I enjoy so much every summer. Acqua di Parma now has Christmas scents within their Home Collection, and this Holiday season, Corinthia London and Acqua di Parma have partnered to create “The Alpine Winter Garden,” a multisensory winter Schloss.

Guests are greeted at Corinthia London by a bespoke gold Christmas tree by renowned florist McQueens, surrounded by red and gold presents and miniature Picea trees. This theme continues through all areas of the hotel with Nutcrackers figurines, lush garlands, bespoke baubles, and a festive Terrarium lining the corridors, colonnade, and restaurants. Acqua di Parma’s new collection of Holiday season candles and diffusers line the hotel and Alpine Winter Garden, their new Bosco, Panettone, and Magia del Camino candles and diffusers having been inspired by contemporary yet authentic interpretations of festive Italian moments.

4. Xplora X5 watch

Xplora X5 Play children’s smart watch available from Xplora and Amazon. The new X5 Play is a children’s smart watch which not only provides reassurance to parents, always knowing the location of their child but is great fun for kids too!

The watch is also a phone. Easy communication with the child and up to 50 approved contacts, answer and make calls with swipe motions and send text messages and emojis! They can make and take calls, text and send emojis, take photos, and get active with their favorite characters like Peter Rabbit 2 and Doctor Who, earning rewards as they go. Featuring a Qualcomm chipset for a fast and reliable user experience.

The 2MP camera means that the kids can share the pictures with you throughout their day, keeping you up to date on what they are doing. Store over 1000 pictures in the gallery and set a custom background.

5. Boto swim trunks

When I shop for groceries, I try to buy apples in cardboard boxes rather than plastic packaging. I opt for recycled plastic where it has to be used. It is uplifting to discover that some swimwear manufacturers care for the environment as much as I do, and Boto swim trunks is at the top of our list for excellent swimwear that is also environmentally friendly so you can gift without guilt.

For Boto and its customers, environmentalism has always been a core value. They believe that it is our shared responsibility to protect our planet and its natural resources from being enjoyed now and for future generations. Their 1% For the Planet membership allows them to formalize their commitment to environmental stewardship. When people wear their Boto shorts at the pool, the beach, or wherever their journey takes them, they know they are contributing to help the planet 1% at a time.

Boto’s founder, Michael McFadden, loves to spend time at the beach and in the sea with his wife and two children. As the environmental situation continues to digress Michael has promised his kids that Boto will do its part to help protect the Oceans for generations to come.

Boto partners with Plastic Oceans to educate and raise awareness of the devastating effects single-use plastic has on our oceans. Boto is committed to inspiring transformative change across the country to stop the 8 million tons of plastic entering our oceans annually. Aside from education, Plastic Oceans also organizes shoreline cleanups and creates solutions for collected plastic.

What’s nice about Boto is that their planet-friendly swim shorts are good for the environment, but also stylish and of excellent quality. Boto swim shorts are designed in Montreal. The brand was created out of frustration at the lack of stylish, suitable swim shorts available for men!

With an emphasis on comfort and fit but not at the cost of great style, the manufacturing process is likened to that of tailoring a fine suit. Another priority is that they are fast drying; all the shorts are made with an ultra-soft, quick-drying fabric. The highest quality zippers, eyelets and snap buttons all ensure that your Boto shorts stay put. With multiple size options, including different lengths, there’s bound to be one that’s the perfect fit.

6. dryrobe®

Ideal for kids, dryrobe® is the world’s most versatile change robe and arguably the best shortcut to changing with privacy. Get active outdoors with dryrobe®. Designed to let you get changed anywhere, the dryrobe® Advance protects you from the elements, keeping you warm and dry in any climate.

So much more than your standard towel robe, the dryrobe® Advance combines a weather-resistant outer with a super-warm inner lining that gets you dry quickly. Made with 100% recycled fabrics. Not your average fit, the dryrobe® Advance change robe is large and loose enough to pull your arms inside and get changed but versatile enough to be worn as a coat or jacket.

Opt outside and be a part of life’s extraordinary moments with dryrobe®.

7. Four Seasons Gift Cards

If you want to think outside the traditional gift box when choosing presents for friends, family, and colleagues, a Four Seasons Gift Card, will help make your loved one’s future life extraordinary.

Whether it’s a round of golf in a dream destination, a unique fitness class, or a gourmet dinner in paradise, an unforgettable experience is theirs to choose, whenever and wherever they wish.

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