10 Ways To Book A Kimpton Hotel With A Discount


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Would you like a discount on your next stay at a Kimpton hotel? We have some brilliant tips and insider information on how to get the best deal and the cheapest room at your favorite Kimpton.

We have several favorite Kimpton hotels, which include the Kimpton Fitzroy in London, which we visited and reviewed in 2019. Kimpton hotels are unique and quirky. The London Kimpton is an outpouring of gorgeousness, with British glamour and intricate detailing.

Typically, Kimpton hotels are offbeat and eccentric. The Kimpton Fitzroy London can be found in a Grade II listed iconic landmark building restored to its former glory. It stands proudly and rather spectacularly overlooking the square. Initially opened in 1898, the historic building underwent a £75 million renovation and now takes its name from Charles Fitzroy Doll’s original architect.

Climb the steps (yes, the door will be held open for you), and you’ll find yourself in the most stunning entrance hall, carved from marble and limestone with pillars, a sweeping staircase, and a huge mosaic floor. It’s quite a sight and is left free of people checking in and out by the clever placement of the reception desk just around the corner. The luxurious guest rooms are dressed in neutral tones with flashes of color to amuse and add a distinctly British touch (I adored the old-style, bright red telephones!) with standout bathrooms that also reflect that love of marble.

Below, we outline how to get the best deal or discount at this and other Kimpton hotels.

1. Book With A Luxury Travel Agent For Extra Benefits

You can take advantage of free additional loyalty style benefits from your very first stay at Kimpton hotels and resorts by merely booking with our luxury travel concierge. It’s that easy. Book with us, and you’ll benefit from our official Kimpton Hotels IHG® Lifestyle Exclusive partner agency benefits, which are added in for free.

Book your next Kimpton hotel stay via our luxury travel concierge (Includes Kimpton® (in the U.S.) and Hotel Indigo®), and we’ll add in all our complimentary VIP benefits to your stay.

Most luxury hotels have hidden travel agent loyalty programs that give you free benefits if you book with the right “Virtuoso” or hotel partner agent. We offer similar free upgrades, free breakfasts, and free perks at other luxury hotels, including Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria, Hyatt, Andaz, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, InterContinental, and more.

2. Discounted Member Rate

Member rates are always a good deal, but remember to check with our luxury travel concierge. Usually, our benefits far outweigh the savings on a member rate.

3. Join the IHG loyalty program

Join the IHG loyalty program and get loyalty points when you stay, on top of our complimentary benefits. This is a no-brainer, no-lose suggestion.

4. Book Early To Get A Discount

I regularly recommend our luxury travel concierge clients to book as soon as the rates come out. This is often a year in advance. It’s not usually worth holding out for a last-minute discount as these magical discounts rarely exist at luxury hotels.

5. Book Discounted Advance Purchase Rates

If you are booking a Kimpton hotel in advance and are very sure of your dates, you can take advantage of advance purchase discounted rates. You must be sure of your dates because there are no refunds on advance purchase rates once you have booked in, so if you can’t make your stay, you won’t get your money back!

6. Change Your Holiday Dates

Try re-arranging your dates and plan to target certain Kimpton hotels when they are cheapest and offer the best discounts. Kimpton hotels in cities are often used for business, so can be cheaper on weekends than during weekdays. You can arrange your plans around specific dates that you know your favorite Kimpton hotel is cheaper.

7. Look Out For New Properties

Brilliant new Kimpton hotels are opening all the time. You can see all the new Kimpton hotels here. These include Atlanta, Bali, Budapest, Charlottesville, Denver, Frankfurt, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Greenville, South Carolina, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Mallorca. Expect opening discounts to encourage you to book just after opening. This is a great way to stay at a Kimpton hotel for less.

8. Stay Shorter

It sounds obvious when you say it out loud, but I’d prefer three nights at a luxury Kimpton hotel rather than a week at a bog-standard cheap hotel.

9. Pick The Cheapest Properties

It doesn’t matter how luxury the Kimpton brand is. Some parts of the world are cheaper than others. Bali tends to be cheaper than London. This is not a discount; this is simply using common sense to book your vacation in a cheaper area of the world.

10. Use Corporate Promo Codes

There are special corporate promo discount codes, so if you are an employee of a company like Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, IBM, or the government, you might be able to take advantage of these discounts, but these codes are not widely available to the general public and are not meant to be used on leisure stays. In addition, the discount may not be as good as the free benefits offered by our luxury travel concierge. We suggest asking for a free quote so you can compare prices and benefits and get the full picture before booking.

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