13 Best Reasons To Pick Sandals Adult Only Resorts


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The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful and welcoming areas in the world. It’s known for its breathtakingly blue waters and incredible beaches. The landscape isn’t the only thing that makes this place shine, however. The people who live on the islands are friendly and vivacious, too.

Combine that with delicious food and plenty of exotic tropical drinks, and you have the recipe for a world-class getaway. If you plan to travel to the Caribbean for an adult’s getaway, you’ll want to go to some top resorts with all-inclusive features.

Sandals is one of the most well-known and loved resort destinations in the Caribbean. They are known for their all-inclusive luxury packages that allow visitors to take in the area’s sights and experiences. They are especially known for featuring adults-only locations that allow individuals and couples to relax and unwind with plenty of activities and options to make the most of a getaway.

So, what makes Sandals Resorts different from other resorts or individually planned vacation packages?

1. Location

Each Sandals resort is located on a breathtaking beach ideal for sunbathing, swimming, scuba diving, and more.

2. Romance

It’s also the perfect setting for a couple’s getaway, and every detail is carefully coordinated to provide the best overall experience for each visitor.

3. Guest Services

You’re probably wondering what sets Sandals apart from other resorts and why they have all five-star locations across 16 different properties. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy attributes is that their guest services go above and beyond.

Anything guests want, the resort provides. Highly-trained staff work hard to ensure each guest is completely satisfied.

4. Restaurants

Additionally, each location features multiple restaurants with award-winning dining that guests won’t forget.

5. Last-Minute Deals

If you decide to go to a Sandals Resort at the last minute, you can get some great deals for select dates and stays. When one of the resorts has an occupancy gap, they offer guests a great deal to fill those dates and locations.

It’s first-come, first-served, so if you stumble on an incredible deal you don’t want to miss, you should go ahead and book that date.

6. Free Nights

They also offer a free night if you book a deal online for a resort that is eligible for the discount.

7. New Hotels: Exclusive Curaçao Deals

Sandals recently opened their new Santa Barbara, Curaçao location, and they are currently offering deals and incentives to guests who book at that location for a limited time. Visiting this all-inclusive curaçao location provides you with the chance to take advantage of some great bonuses and deals.

55% off rack rates
Convertible MINI Cooper Adventure
Grand opening offer
Service personnel discount
25$ online credit
Vacation assurance
View current offers and deals by clicking the “Resort Specials” tab on the homepage.

8. Glamor

If you plan to visit any Sandals destination, be sure to have clothing for all occasions. There’s so much to do and see; you don’t want to miss anything. That means you should bring some nice clothes for formal dining and a night out on the town.

9. Comfort

You’ll also want some comfortable clothing to wear when you’re participating in activities like golf and sightseeing. Many people like to spend their days on the beach or swimming in the luxury pools sprinkled across the properties. While you’re at it, don’t forget the sunscreen.

10. Advance Planning Tips

If you want to make sure you get the chance to dine where you want, you can make your reservation as soon as you arrive. This will ensure you get to experience the best meals without the worry of missing out.

These resort restaurants book quickly, so it’s best to book as early as possible. To get an idea of which restaurants are on the property and when they’re open, check online.

If you plan to participate in certain activities, you’ll also want to book your reservations as soon as possible because time slots fill up quickly.

11. You Can Choose The Perfect Room

You have the option to choose the type of room you want to enjoy while you’re there. To save some money, there are some inexpensive rooms available, and you can see what’s currently open by visiting the Sandals Resort page and following the steps to choose the package you want. The sooner you choose your room, the better the odds of getting what you want.

12. You Can Choose Club Level or Butler Level Packages for Perks

If you want to get the best full-service experience, try purchasing the Club level or Butler level packages. They feature plenty of perks and extras, including free room service, which is a hit with most guests.

13. Free Drinks & Mini Bar

One of the great perks associated with Sandals Resorts’ all-inclusive packages is the great deal you get on alcohol. Not only do you get free drinks, but you also get the drink that’s in the mini-fridge for free. You don’t have to forgo the splurge on alcohol because it’s part of the package.


If you want to plan the perfect adults-only getaway, check out the 16 different locations of Sandals Resorts located in the Caribbean. Don’t forget to consider the newest Curaçao property that’s currently featuring some great deals for those who take advantage early. Make memories you won’t forget at one of the world’s top resort destinations.

Image courtesy of Sandals Resorts.

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