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10 Best Airport Lounges At Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)


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Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) is one of the busiest airports in Europe and serves the city of Paris. Opened in 1974, it is located in Roissy-en-France, 23 km northeast of Paris. We review the best airport lounge if you fly in First or Business Class or have a Priority Pass or relevant credit card. We have also reviewed the best hotels in Paris with club lounges in case this is what you are looking for.

Free Airport Lounge Access

If you have not paid for Business Class or First Class, you can access airport lounges for free if you have an unlimited Priority Pass or an Amex Platinum card. To get bonus referral points and advice on the Platinum American Express and other free lounge access credit cards, have a read of our best credit cards for luxury travel.

Charles de Gaulle is not a great airport. It has a rabbit warren of escalators in tubes and undulating flat escalators to help you get from A to B faster, but the communal areas and lounges aren’t great.

1. Qatar Airways Premium Lounge, Terminal 1

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge is completely unique and really stylish in an Arabian design. There is a lobby area with a central star design and a black fountain in the middle surrounded by cream sofas. Beyond this central area, there are various comfy (mainly cream) sofas and seats, some arranged nicely around windows and small tables.

Dining is a highlight in this lounge, being set up in a smart restaurant-style with cream seats around dining tables. There are even placemats and knives and forks set like a proper restaurant. This setup is unlike the usual cafe-style tables offered in most lounges. This is a seriously classy experience! Beyond the food, the area is an alfresco affair made up of an outdoor terrace with tables and chairs where you can eat outdoors and watch the planes and the distant Parisian skyline. There is also a separate terrace for smokers.

The buffet has both cold and hot items and includes an à la carte menu. Cold items throughout the day include wraps, bread, sandwiches, chicken or veggie wraps, bean dishes, hummus, and salads. There’s also a barista coffee station and a bar. Hot dishes include a tasty chicken curry or fish and rice. Puddings are plentiful and include chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, chocolate tarts, fruit cups, and smoothies.

Overall this lounge is stylish and offers some of the best food of any lounge in Paris airport. This lounge also has excellent bathrooms and showers. If you have entrance to this lounge, you will thoroughly enjoy it; it is one of the best airport lounges in Paris CDG.

2. American Airlines Admirals Club, Terminal 2

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport has two Oneworld lounges: an American Airlines Admirals Club and a Cathay Pacific lounge. Both are located between Terminals 2A and 2C.

The American Airlines Admirals Club is a superb lounge and one of the best lounges at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport. This lounge is open to annual and lifetime members, First and Business class travelers on American Airlines or partner airlines, and certain credit cardholders. Entrance to this lounge can also be purchased for cash.

This lounge is modern and stylish, with black leather seating ranging from sofas to desk chairs plus pine dividers, desks, and chairs. There are plenty of power outlets and USB ports for charging. A highlight of this lounge is the views of the runway through the big windows.

The food selection is also great for an Admirals Club lounge. The breakfast includes hot items; omelets, bacon, sausage, potatoes, and tomatoes. The continental offering includes bread, salads, cold cuts, and cheeses. After the breakfast service, there are soups, sandwiches, bread and cheese, cold cuts, snacks, and pudding options all day long.

Drinks available throughout the day include coffee, espresso, canned soft drinks, as well as spirits, wine, and beer. Work-wise, there’s a printer and photocopier as well as showers available.

Overall this is a great lounge which is a pleasure to spend time in.

3. Air France Lounge, Terminal 2E, L Gates

There are various Air France lounges in Paris CDG, and more are excellent. We have reviewed the one in Terminal 2E L gates as this is most likely the lounge you will get access to if you fly British Airways. Most passengers use the lounge closest to their gate as the satellites are not connected. This Air France lounge has recently been renovated, is huge, and is open to SkyTeam Elite members, regardless of ticket class. Day passes can also be purchased for this lounge.

The lounge is really nice looking with chairs, sofas, meeting areas, free Wi-Fi, and charging stations. Strangely it is built over a main road, so you have cars going underneath you as you enjoy your beer or latte!

Meals are provided at an open kitchen where chefs serve hand-made dishes, along with hot and cold buffets. There’s a huge bar, “Le Balcon,” with live bartenders, a 6,000 square foot wellness area and Clarins spa, a kids’ room, and a classy modern and clean shower suites with free toiletries.

4. Etihad Airways First & Business Class Lounge

The Etihad lounge is pleasant but feels a little dated with mint, brown, and mustard seating. The lounge has distant views of the runway obstructed by the roof. The dining area is particularly nice, with comfy padded leather seats and dining tables and a high bench with high stools to one side and overlooking the buffet.

The buffet food is extremely good. There are cheeses, crackers, bread, and three hot dishes, including fish dishes like salmon, chicken, and vegetarian ricotta & spinach ravioli. You can help yourself with salad, fresh fruit, mezze, and dessert for cold dishes. You can definitely fulfill any food cravings you have with a delicious and healthy meal. The lounge also has a self-serve espresso coffee machine, plus soft drinks, bottled water, and a selection of wine, spirits, and champers.

There is also a business center with a printer and a children’s playroom, classy bathrooms, and showers within the lounge, making this a really good all-rounder lounge at Paris CDG.

5. Star Alliance Lounge, Terminal 1

The Business and First Class Star Alliance Lounges are on top of each other. The First Class lounge is located below the Business Class lounge. These lounges are open to passengers on Star Alliance airlines, including United Airlines, Air Canada, and Lufthansa. It is also open to those holding a Priority Pass.

The Business Class lounge is fairly standard and not styled. It has low ceilings, boring black leather seating and is a tight fit for the number of passengers using the lounge. This is largely because Air China, ANA, and Asiana all have flights departing around the same time, so the lounge gets very busy, particularly in the evenings.

This lounge has nice views and lots of natural light. There are desks with computers. The food is excellent even though the lounge isn’t particularly exciting. The buffet has hot meat and vegetables. You can enjoy bread rolls, cheese, sandwiches, cold cuts, pastries, whole fruit, delicious and varied salad on the cold counters. The lounge also has an open bar with wine and spirits, fruit juices, and cans of beer in the fridge, as well as snacks like pretzels and crisps.

6. Cathay Pacific, Terminal 2

Oneworld Sapphire or Emerald passengers on any booking class or Oneworld Business and First Class passengers have access to the Cathay Pacific lounge in Terminal 2. This lounge is next door to the American Airlines lounge.

There are loads of different seating options in this lounge, from soft armchairs to cafe tables and chairs, all arranged in one large space. The food on offer is good with the breakfast, including bread, pastries, cereals, fruit, and hot eggs and beans. The drink selection on offer is also extensive, making this a very appealing lounge. However, the American Airlines Admirals Club has the edge if you are choosing between these two options.

7. Lufthansa Lounge, Terminal 1

The Salon Lufthansa at Paris CDG is located in Terminal 1 Satellite 6. The lounge is open to First and Business Class passengers flying on Lufthansa and other Star Alliance member airlines, along with members who belong to United Club or Air Canada Maple Leaf Club and those with Star Alliance Gold status.

Lufthansa doesn’t do enough to differentiate their Senator (First Class) Lounges and Business Lounges, but neither are noteworthy here. They feel dated with black leather seats and grey carpet.

The Senator lounge has no natural light whatsoever as it’s underground. There’s a business area with desks and various other seating areas, plus there’s a cafe area with cafe seats and tables and high stools. Because of the lack of natural light, the lounge feels a little dingy and oppressive.

The food at breakfast includes cold cuts, cereals, chocolate pastries, yogurts, cheeses, various salad items, and hot dishes, including pre-prepared omelets and sausages. Rolls and crisps accompany these.

There’s a coffee machine and a soda fountain with Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, and water for drinks. There are also communal bottles and various wines as well as beers on tap and spirits.

There’s also a Star Alliance Lounge in Terminal 1, which was reviewed above.

8. SAS Lounge, Terminal 1

The SAS Lounge is located in Terminal 1 inside security, in satellite 7, the satellite used by all SAS departures. If you are flying in SAS Plus, you have access or have a EuroBonus Gold, EuroBonus Diamond, or a Star Alliance Gold card and are flying SAS, you get free entrance.

This lounge is small and can get very crowded at peak times when flights to Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo depart. The lounge is quite lovely when it is not too full, with floor-to-ceiling windows with great views and lots of greenery from plant dividers between the seats. There are all sorts of benches, high tables, and tables, and there is a buffet area with cold cuts, salad items, bread rolls, salmon, and French cheeses. There is fresh fruit along with cookies, pastries, and muffins for something sweet. There is a range of self-serve spirits, wine and beer, and soft drinks.

The bad news is that there are no showers or toilets in the lounge. Instead, you have to leave the lounge and use the communal ones in the transit hall outside the lounge. The good news is that the attendant seems to announce when the SAS flights are boarding, so you can stay until a few moments before your flight.

9. Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, Terminal 2A

The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is located airside in Terminal 2A. This lounge is a long walk from many of the gates, especially those located in terminal 2C. Most other Star Alliance carriers fly from terminal 1, but Air Canada leaves from Terminal 2.

You can access this lounge if you are flying Air Canada in Business Class passengers or flying the same day on any Star Alliance carrier from Paris CDG in Business or First Class and have a Star Alliance Gold card.

The look is a little dated with lots of light wood and black leather sofa seats. The food selection is pleasant but not a massive array, with sandwiches, cold cuts, salad items, cheeses, cakes, and fruit. Drinks include beer, wine, spirits, sodas, juices, coffee, and tea. While this lounge is considerably better than sitting by the gate, it is not particularly modern or noteworthy.

10. Icare Lounge, Terminal 1

There are two Priority Pass lounges in Terminal 1. The Star Alliance Lounge and the Icare Lounge. The Star Alliance lounge is by far the best lounge. The Icare Lounge can be horribly overcrowded, is uninteresting in design, and has a very limited basic snack supply. In fact, the snacks on offer include chips and cookies, mini-cakes, and snack mix. Most of these snacks are prepackaged in plastic and are your typical contract lounge low-quality snacks. There is a hot water machine and fridges full of large bottles of drinks to pour out, but in all honesty, you would probably do better paying for a couple of coffees and a sandwich at one of the cafes in the terminal.

11. Sheltair Lounge Terminal 2D

Sheltair Lounge in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is located at level 1 of Terminal 2D after the security in front of Gate D56. This lounge is accessible only to passengers who are departing from Terminal 2D to the Schengen area. You can get in for free using your Priority Pass.

The lounge is pleasant but typical contract lounge, don’t expect anything special. There is free Wi-Fi, newspapers, and magazines, but there are not many power sockets. The food and drinks are limited, with bread, croissants, ham and cheese, yogurt, fruit salad, and crisps. There’s no warm food, but there are cans of drinks included canned soft drinks and fruit juices. Alcoholic beverages are mainly canned beers, and there’s a coffee machine so you can enjoy a coffee or hot tea.

This is a typical contract lounge, adequate at best. You may prefer a coffee shop ambiance within the terminal over this airport lounge.

12. YotelAir Paris Charles de Gaulle, Terminal 2E

YotelAir Paris Charles de Gaulle actually has a lounge as well as hotel rooms. YotelAir Paris Charles de Gaulle is open 24 hours a day and is located airside for Non-Schengen departures and transit passengers. Take the Shuttle train to Gate L. Follow signs for Instant Paris/YOTEL. Passengers traveling from Gates K and M can access this lounge via the Shuttle train but must allow time to return to the gates.

The Yotel Priority Pass offer is for a maximum 3-hour stay (at the time of writing) in the lounge. Children under 2 years are admitted free. A €10 EUR credit allowance per person per visit recorded will be issued to purchase light refreshments, snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks at the lounge (limited to beer and wine). The credit is not issued to children under 2 years.

So how is the lounge? The look is boutique, small but nicely finished with hexagonal dividers and seats around little tables as well as high stools and tables. The capacity must be around 50 people.

The lighting is stark and bright, although there is plenty of natural light too. The food is limited to pre-packaged snacks with a hot water dispenser and a coffee machine. Each snack is around 2.5 euros, so you can get four with each visit on your Priority Pass. Cans of beer are slightly more.

This isn’t a great lounge due to the bright lighting and lack of fresh snacks, but it is better than nothing and worth the trek if you want to take a break before or between flights.

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