10 Cheapest Silversea Cruises


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We review the cheapest Silversea Cruises across Europe, Asia, North & South America, Africa, Alaska, and beyond, along with how and when to book to take advantage of cheap cruises with this luxury cruise brand.

Silversea Cruises has a fleet of small but exceptional boutique cruise ships, but these cruises aren’t cheap. They claim that their offering is six-star, and their cruise ships are certainly ultra-luxurious. Luxury ships include Silver Cloud, Silver Dawn, Silver Discoverer, Silver Explorer, Silver Galapagos, Silver Moon, Silver Muse, Silver Origin, Silver Shadow, Silver Spirit, Silver Whisper, and Silver Wind.

Silversea Cruises consistently wins cruise liner awards as the best luxury cruise line in various categories, including the Travel Weekly Globe Travel Awards, which they have won for 10 years in a row. They also get a 5-star Berlitz rating. Why are they so good? Spacious cabins, fine dining, and a high level of staff-to-guest ratios help. There is almost one crew member for each guest!

Their smaller ships mean that Silversea Cruises can access smaller, more unique ports, such as Portofino on the Italian coast. All-suite accommodation means that there are no bad rooms. Food-wise, Silversea Cruises offers fine wines, champagne, liquor, cocktails, and gourmet dining, all included in the price (as well as tips on board).

All-inclusive sailings include the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa. Add a stay at a luxury hotel or a luxury safari to tailor your trip just for you. Flights, transfers, and shore excursions are also included. Onboard all Silversea cruise ships, there’s sophisticated entertainment with live music, enrichment teachers, acclaimed chefs, and destination consultants.

To get a cheap cruise on Silversea, you need to choose a shorter cruise or a less popular set of destinations, or you need to travel outside of the high season.

Silversea Loyalty Rewards Program

When you complete your first Silversea voyage, you are enrolled in the exclusive circle of friends. The Venetian Society offers Onboard recognition and private parties, with membership privileges and milestone rewards gained on every sailing. This could include onboard recognition and invitations to private events, ship visitation privileges, and an additional 5% off on select sailings.

The more you sail, the more you receive:

  • 100 days: 5% savings on future sailings
  • 250 days: 10% savings on future sailings
  • 350 days: complimentary 7-day voyage
  • 500 days: complimentary 14-day voyage
  • 500-day milestone, a complimentary 7-day voyage for every 150 days sailed

All of the above milestones include complimentary laundry service (excludes dry cleaning and “press only”).

Silversea even has a refer-a-friend program called Friends of The Society® Programme. When your new-to-Silversea friends sail with you, as a sponsoring Venetian Society member, you will receive:

$250 Shipboard Credit – Available on designated Venetian Society voyages
Double Cruise Days – Available on any Silversea sailing. As an example, if you and your friends sail together on a 15-day voyage, you will accrue a total of 30 Cruise Days.
Friends who sail with you on a designated Venetian Society voyage will enjoy the same 5% Venetian Society savings that are available to you, as well as any applicable Silver Savings. This benefit is limited to a maximum of four friends in two additional suites.

Here is our pick of the cheapest Silversea Cruises in the world. It is not a definitive list, as rates change all the time, and new Silversea Cruises are popping up everywhere, but I hope my choices will inspire you to cruise away. These Silversea Cruises can be affordable. You just need to know how to play the game!

Please note: With COVID-19, many cruises have been canceled or amended datewise, so this article is based on what would usually be available to book rather than the cruises that are available right now.

1. Singapore to Bali

This tends to be the cheapest Silversea cruise and can offer very low last-minute prices, with cruises starting at around £1,420 GBP per person.

2. The Middle East to India from Dubai

Another one of Silversea’s cheapest cruises is to India from Dubai and usually departs from Dubai on Silver Spirit. Prices start at around £3,500 GBP per person for 11 nights.

3. Caribbean & Central America

One of the cheapest cruises that Silversea offers is in the Caribbean & Central America region and departs from San Juan on Silver Wind. In fact, a number of the cruises around the Caribbean on Silversea look to be comparatively cheap. Departures in December usually start at around £3,700 GBP per person for 11 nights. Prices around the Caribbean will be less in US dollars as UK prices include transatlantic flights.

4. From Singapore to Mumbai

Back to the Silver Spirit and a continuation of the same cruise mentioned above, is another of the cheapest cruises that Silversea offers from Singapore to Mumbai, which usually departs mid-November. Prices start at around £5,500 GBP per person for 20 nights.

5. Middle East to Europe from Dubai

You can also travel on the Silver Spirit ship on its return journey from Dubai to Europe, usually in the spring. You can pick up a cruise for around 18 nights for around £5,000 GBP, including flights out from the UK.

6. Copenhagen to Stockholm

You can board the Silversea Silver Spirit with prices from around £3,500 GBP for a European adventure, too. Start in Copenhagen, stop in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, which lies just 53 miles (85 km) from Helsinki across the Gulf of Finland, midway between St. Petersburg and Stockholm.

7. Venice to Venice

Probably my favorite cruise itinerary is Venice to Venice. Enjoy the watery majesty of Venice, the turquoise beauty of the Corfu, the Elaphite archipelago of Dubrovnik, and the colorful mosaics of Ravenna. Enjoy breathtaking views, James Bond-style speedboat adventures, majestic architecture, and delectable local cuisine… the only effort you’ll have to make is deciding how much or how little you want to do. The price? Around £6,000 GBP per person.

8. Barcelona To Venice Cruise & Orient Express

How about a 15-day cruise & rail on Silver Shadow by Silversea from around £8,000 GBP pp inclusive of flights? You would depart in spring from Barcelona to Venice and then travel the coasts of Spain and Italy for increasingly glamorous ports. An out-of-season stop in St. Tropez. Rome needs no introduction, but it is an overnight in the liquid grandeur of the Serenissima.
To get home, take the Belmond Venice Simplon Orient Express back to London. Enjoy a delicious breakfast in your cabin this morning before a brief stop at Paris’ Gare du Nord sees you speed towards Calais to cross the channel as you enjoy brunch. Then, back in the UK, enjoy an afternoon tea on the Belmond British Pullman with a glass of English sparkling wine before you arrive in London, Victoria.

9. Monte Carlo To Venice

Perhaps the most glamorous Silversea cruise of all, and not an easy one to get cheap, is the journey for those who truly appreciate the finer things in life. Cruise from Monte Carlo (we have reviewed the best luxury hotels in Monaco), around Italy to Venice.

With chic coastal towns such as Portofino and Sorrento on the agenda, why not treat yourself to a private tour, a gastronomic meal, or a trip to Calvi. Dubrovnik continues the glamourous theme but with an added element of Slavic beauty. End your journey in the sheer loveliness of exquisite Venice. The price will be around £6,000 GBP per person.

10. Antarctica Expedition from Ushuaia to Cape Town

If you don’t mind the cold and have a generous wallet, how about Antarctica Expedition from Ushuaia to Cape Town on Silver Cloud. The total all-inclusive price for this cruise starts at around £20,900 GBP.

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