The Best Star Alliance Airport Lounge At Heathrow Terminal Two


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What is the best Star Alliance Airport Lounge At Heathrow Terminal 2? There are FOUR Star Alliance airline lounges that you can visit if you are a Star Alliance Premium Member and flying out of the new Queen’s Terminal 2 at London Heathrow. We have listed them in order from best to worst below:

  • Air Canada
  • United Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Lufthansa Lounge

All Business Class passengers and Star Alliance Gold passengers can use any Star Alliance carrier’s Business Class lounges. All First Class Star Alliance passengers can use any Star Alliance carrier’s First Class lounge. We have already reviewed the best airport lounges at Heathrow Terminal Two. Funnily enough, the best lounge in Terminal 2 is also a Star Alliance Lounge.

If you are flying in Economy or Premium Economy, you may not have lounge access, in which case, you can use a Priority Pass to access an airport lounge and escape the crowds at London Heathrow. The American Express Platinum and Centurion cards come with an unlimited Priority Pass (contact our concierge for a referral for extra free bonus points), or you can apply for a free Amex Gold Card. You will get two free Lounge Club passes, which can be immediately used to get into these Priority Pass lounges to enjoy free drinks (including alcohol) and food. We have already reviewed the best Priority Pass Lounge at Terminal 2.

The Lufthansa lounge mainly caters to the shorter European flights and is located in the main 2A terminal building while the other 3 are located in the satellite 2B terminal. It takes around 20 minutes to walk between the Lufthansa lounge and the other three lounges, so if you are flying Lufthansa, even though this lounge is not the best, you would be wise to stick with their lounge to save a stressful walk from your chosen lounge to the gate.

You might immediately assume that the Singapore Airlines lounge is the best as Singapore airlines have the reputation of being one of the best airlines in the sky, but in our opinion, the style isn’t extraordinary, and neither is the food.

Our favorites are the Air Canada and the United lounges, as outlined below. They both have superb views and feel classy. Air Canada has the advantage of being quieter, and it also has a chef station making waffles and crepes for breakfast and heated sandwiches for lunch. The United Club bar has a better view and a First Class section.

1. United Club Lounge & United Global First Lounge Terminal 2

United has made London Heathrow a priority, adding all Polaris business class service between New York and London. While this lounge is not designed like a United Club Lounge, this lounge, which is for Business and First Class passengers flying United, is very good and the best, along with the Air Canada lounge, in London Heathrow.

This United Club lounge is about a 10-minute walk from the Singapore Airlines and Air Canada lounges and can be found across from gate B46. The lounge is larger than both the Singapore Airlines and Air Canada lounges.

The lounge is split into Business and First sections. This is probably the best airport lounge in Terminal 2 because the First Class section is excellent with wonderful a la carte food in a stylish setting.

The lounge has a classy entranceway with lots of white marble. Inside the look is cream with lots of old-fashioned plane artwork on the walls along with a big clock. The seats reflect United’s signature blues and grey. A large window runs the length of the lounge, with great views, and a large bench runs parallel to the tendered bar, ideal for recharging devices and working with a view.

In the First Class part of the lounge, there are many black and white leather seats and an array of fridges with soft drinks, beer, and wine. There are snacks; Burts crisps, pretzels, etc., and there is a self-serve bar with just about every spirit imaginable, which you can self-serve out of the bottles.

For food, we tried breakfast, and you will find a fresh breakfast selection, smoked salmon, cold cuts, yogurt, fruit salad, fresh juice, cereal, and fruit. There are also some beautiful pastries and danishes and hot dishes, including scrambled eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, and sausages. 6 hot dishes in total. Plus, you have an array of mini dishes in glasses that are completely delicious, and you can order things like eggs benedict a la carte.

The Global First lounge is more luxurious than the main lounge with a tea lounge, wine room, and à la carte dining. An example of the a la carte lunch menu includes soup, duck, and crab starters. Mains include burgers, tomato, and mozzarella gnocchi, Hickory barbeque pulled pork, and Seabream risotto. Dessert was a warm chocolate brownie or a cheese plate on this a la carte menu.

The bathrooms within the lounge are also well kept and classy with Cow Shed amenities, plus there are 8 showers in this lounge.

The buffet in the main section is not as impressive but has similar hot options at breakfast with a buffet, including scrambled eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, and sausages. There are also old cuts, yogurt, fruit salad, fresh juice, cereal, and fruit along with bread, but there is no a la carte. Also on offer are fridges with juices, soft drinks, beer, and wine, and tea and coffee machines.

It’s worth knowing, that the Wi-Fi is better in the United lounge than in the Singapore Airlines lounge.

2. Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge

This Air Canada Star Alliance Lounge is across the corridor from the Singapore Airlines lounge near gate B36. It is smart with floor-to-ceiling windows on one side and grey seating, plus there is a big model of a plane in the middle. It actually feels more premium and modern than the Singapore Airlines lounge.

The large windows in this lounge are a huge highlight. They are enormous, and their size is accentuated by a high ceiling. They flood the lounge with natural light and offer a great view of the planes.

Modern seating is complemented by timber walls and partitions, which make the lounge feel classy. It has a fun bar with a bartender, which has a red hue, a cafe/buffet area, a quiet area, a work area, and spa showers. You can access this lounge if you are an Air Canada Altitude elite. Star Alliance Gold members and Maple Leaf Club “North America Plus” and “Worldwide” members can also gain access to this lounge along with the other Star Alliance lounges in this terminal.

For the buffet, a manned pancake/crepe/waffle station with jams, there is a self-serve espresso machine, cans of soft drinks, and jugs of juices. Breakfast consists of hot and cold dishes at the buffet, with scrambled eggs, beans, sausages along with smoothies, cold cuts, fruit, salad, cereal, pastries, croissants, fresh bread, and so forth.

There are also smart toilets, showers, and fast Wi-Fi.

3. Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge

Located in T2B close to departure gate B36, Singapore Airlines’ SilverKris Lounge welcomes customers with a signature batik design screen; an element common across lounges featuring the new design and similar to those already seen in Sydney and Hong Kong.

This lounge is split in two, with one section for Business Class passengers to the right of the reception counter, and First Class passengers can access the First Class lounge to the left of the counter.

The lounge is located in Terminal 2 Satelite B, near the gate B36, which is a long walk from security, maybe 20 minutes walk, so if you are a Star Alliance member who wants to use this lounge for a different, non-Singapore flight, make sure you know where your gate will be. If you are flying Lufthansa, in particular, your gate will be a long walk from this lounge.

This new-concept SilverKris Lounge was designed by renowned architectural and interior design firm ONG&ONG and is modeled after elements of a home, following extensive research that included focus groups with customers. At the entrance, there is a small hall-lounge with no windows but carry on down the corridor, and you will get to an area of the lounge with nice windows.

With separate areas dedicated to First and Business Class customers, a total of 208 seats are offered, complete with roving hosts to look after guests throughout their stay. Both First and Business areas have an Asian/Western buffet-bar area, super seating, and newspapers/magazines.

In the First Class section, the decor is yellow and tan and very stylish. Seats are comfy, and some are in booths. The First Class lounge offers a self-service buffet area and an à la carte offering, where five different menus will operate throughout each day.

The Business section offers spacious seating for 158 passengers, a bar area, complete with a professional bartender who offers freshly prepared cocktails (a choice from Singapore Sling, Ginger Mojito, Fly High, Rusty Nail, Stabilizer, Summer Spin, Pina Colada, Apple & Kiwi Cooler, and Prosecco), beers and wine, an international buffet, and shower facilities. It is split into the living room, an international buffet, and productivity pods.

The buffet offers signature Asian and Western dishes cooked freshly on-site throughout the day. The dishes include hot and old options, desserts, and salads. Chicken with noodles and vegetables, basmati rice, meat stew, cheesy potatoes, chicken curry.

The cold dishes include salads and veggies, cold pasta salad, cold cuts, cheese, sandwiches, wraps, bread, and desserts like cakes and mousses.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the planes, and there are some particularly nice seats for aviation geeks right by the window if you are lucky enough to nab one of these. The First Section also has à la carte dining options and private seating.

This lounge can be accessed by premium passengers of Singapore Airlines and Singapore Airlines Krisflyer Elite Gold and Star Alliance Gold members. The lounge is located opposite the Air Canada lounge.

It is worth noting that the lounge can get very crowded late in the afternoon around Singapore Airlines’ departure times.

If you have a Star Alliance flight departing from Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport, the Singapore Airlines lounge is a much better choice than the Lufthansa lounge.

4. Lufthansa Business & Senator Lounge

This Lufthansa lounge is located next door to the Air Lingus lounge and is accessible to premium frequent flyers and people flying in Business and First as well as Star Alliance elite members. Miles&More HON Circle/Senators and Star Alliance Gold cardholders can also access this lounge for free. This lounge is big, with a buffet area with hot and cold food, a bar, and views of the planes. The Senator buffet is more expensive than the main lounge buffet.

The Business lounge is accessible to Lufthansa/Star Alliance premium and elite passengers. The Senator lounge can be accessed by Lufthansa First and Business class passengers, Miles&More HON Circle/Senators, and Star Alliance Gold cardholders.

Lufthansa has separate lounges for Business Class and elite members and is functional with a modern German feel and mustard and black seating and floor to ceiling windows. I don’t like the look or feel of this lounge, but that is personal taste. On the bright side, it is spacious, and the food is good.

There is a large business center, with communal tables and high seating, and there is a cafe area by the buffet as well as a number of board rooms.

The buffet is on the right side of the lounge. There is a nice salad on offer with dips, plus risotto, beef, and vegetable, rice, and pasta dishes. There is also a range of spirits, juices, coffees, and teas from a machine and snacks like pretzels.

If you have access to the Senator Lounge, the entrance is at the back of the Business Lounge, and you have to scan paper with a barcode on that they gave you at check-in to get in. This part of the lounge looks very similar and seems to be more crowded as it can be accessed by all Star Alliance Gold members.

The food and drinks in the Senator Lounge are more-or-less the same as the food and drink in the Business Lounge. The alcohol is slightly better in the Senator Lounge with more variety, but otherwise, the offering is pretty much the same. The toilets in both lounges are fine, but there are no shower facilities in this lounge.

The differences between the Senator and Business Lounge are nominal, but the food in this lounge is good. Is it the best Star Alliance lounge in Terminal Two? No, not really. The design and look is not to my taste, and while it is convenient for flights departing from “A” pier, the other Star Alliance lounges in the terminal are probably better.

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