Air Canada Makes Emergency Landing For A Crazy Reason


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An Air Canada plane was forced to make an emergency landing on September 17th for the strangest reason. Stinky fruit! We’re not talking about old bananas or soft pears. We’re talking about the original “stinky fruit”, the Durian. I have to admit to never having smelled or having tried the “stinky fruit”, but it’s meant to smell like sewage or old used socks.

The Air Canada Rouge flight was travelling from Montreal to Vancouver and was forced to make an emergency landing due to the smell of one of these durian fruits. The aircraft climbed to 7,000ft before the crew detected a “strong odour”. At 25,000ft they then made a PAN-PAN call, donned oxygen masks, and returned the aircraft around to return to Montreal.

The durian was discovered in the forward cargo area of the aircraft.

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