Best Airline Club Lounges At Santiago Airport, Chile


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I have compiled a list below containing the best airline club lounges available at Santiago SCL International Airport. I list the lounges that I consider to be the best of the best.

Santiago Airport, SCL, is officially called Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport but is also known as Santiago de Chile Airport or Pudahuel Airport. It is the largest and busiest airport in Chile.

The top 5 busiest international routes from Santiago Airport are Buenos Aires, Lima, São Paulo, Bogotá, and Miami. The airport serves flights to destinations in Oceania, Europe, and the Americas, being the main South American gateway to Oceania.

SCL airport is the hub for some local airlines such as LATAM or Sky Airline. LATAM operates approximately 82% of the airport’s commercial operations.

The airport is located in Pudahuel, 15 km (9.3 miles) northwest of downtown Santiago, the capital city of Chile. We have already investigated the best hotel club lounges at hotels in Santiago. Now we look at the airport lounges and make a similar comparison.

Once just a stopover on the way to sites beyond, Chile’s capital city of Santiago now attracts hipsters perusing the trendy shops of Lastarria, business types making deals over power lunches in Las Condes, history lovers museum-hopping in the colonial-era city center, oenophiles sampling world-class wines at one of the area vineyards and adventurers hiking in the snow-covered Andes.

I will be reviewing each of the airport club lounges in Santiago airport in detail so that you know what you’ll get if you book club lounge access or get upgraded to a club lounge because you are flying in First or Business (or are a premium member of the airline loyalty scheme.

Best Airport Executive Club Lounge at SCL Santiago Airport

The vast majority of SCL’s long-haul international flights are redeyes, including the flights to North America as well as Europe. This means that it is nice to secure the best lounge to rest in before your flight.

If you are an economy class traveler at Santiago de Chile Airport, you can access most of their airport lounges as long as you are happy to buy a day pass or have a Priority Pass.

1. LATAM lounge In The International Terminal, Airside

If you are choosing between the Admiral’s Club vs. the LATAM lounge, choose the LATAM lounge.
It has good staff, nice shower rooms, and decent food and drink choices. The lounge is located immediately after the priority security screening area.

2. The Admiral’s Club In The International Terminal, Airside

The Admiral’s Club lounge is not nearly as good vs. the LATAM lounge at this airport. However, the Admirals Club lounge does have reasonable food, snacks including smoked salmon, sliced roast turkey, other cold cuts, and some mini savory pastries you can heat up.

3. Salones VIP Pacific Club In The International Terminal, Airside

If you would like a drink before your flight and have a Priority Pass, pick the Salones VIP Pacific Club by gate 20 as one of your top choices and only one step down from the LATAM lounge and The Admiral’s Club. This very average but spacious lounge has a decent bar with a bartender and grand reserva wine. The food on offer is decidedly average, with sandwiches, pasta, and cold cuts.

4. The Lounge In The International Terminal, Airside

When comparing the Pacific Club vs. “The Lounge,” The Lounge offers self-serve wine, less food, and is more crowded. Are these lounges worth paying for? Probably not. Unless you have free access with your Priority Pass, they are all pretty bad.

5. Avianca Sala VIP lounge In The International Terminal, Airside

The best Priority Pass lounge at SCL Santiago airport, when choosing between the Avianca Sala VIP, Salones VIP Pacific Club, The Lounge, and Voyage Lounge, used to be the rather small Avianca Sala VIP lounge located International Terminal, Airside.

But be aware that although the Avianca Lounge offers a nice environment as well as snacks and a panini press for sandwiches, vegetables, etc., currently, they offer no free alcohol! They have lost their license to serve booze! The other two lounges above do serve free alcohol, so they tend to be a better choice.

6. Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club In The International Terminal, Airside

Another option is the Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club at SCL in the International Terminal inside security. This lounge is not impressive. Very small, but with good newspapers, food and drinks, and a small business area. Outlets are around the outer walls of the room but are quite difficult to access.

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