What If Your Pilot Drunk Wine During Your Flight?


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How would you feel if the pilot of your plane, who is in charge of the safety of all the passengers on your flight, tried to drink pre-departure champagne? What if he was stopped from drinking this pre-departure champagne by his cabin crew, but was so persistent in his mission that he came along later looking for wine!

This apparently happened on December 30th, 2018 on a Korean Air flight from Seoul to Amsterdam. Korean Air commented, “it’s true the captain made a controversial action, but it didn’t cause real trouble.”

The Result?

The captain got a verbal warning for repeatedly asking for alcohol, while the cabin chief who tried to control the situation was demoted. Yes, you read this correctly, the crew member who protected the aircraft ended up disciplined while the pilot is still flying.

This incident doesn’t instill confidence in Korean Air as an airline. We have reviewed Korean air in Business Class, it is a decent product.

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