The 5 Best Long Lasting Reed Diffusers In The World


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While I like traveling in far-off lands, I like to come home and enjoy a home that smells like the luxury hotel that I have just visited. The Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort actually gave me a small room fragrance spray that matched the smell of this amazing hotel, and ever since then, my bedroom has smelled like the Monte Carlo Bay. But I wanted something a bit different for my kitchen. A scent that evoked our last skiing holiday where we stayed in an ultra luxury apartment that smelled just gorgeous. A scent delivered by a long-lasting reed diffuser that lasts longer than a candle and keeps my home smelling great. So now my bedroom smells of the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, my living area smells of ski luxury in the winter, and I also have a favorite Christmas luxury scent to evoke… well, Christmas.

Reed diffusers use concentrated essential oil, which usually comes in a glass bottle and which can usually be refilled. The aroma is diffused by rattan reeds. There are so many to choose from, so I have picked my 5 best room fragrance diffusers below, so you can share some of my favorite luxury scents.

1. Heyland & Whittle: Neroli Rose

Heyland & Whittle: Neroli Rose is my ski scent. It doesn’t really smell of skiing at all, but as the apartment we stayed in this winter smelled of this fragrance, my mind connects this fragrance to skiing.

This beautiful home fragrance is actually a mix of delicate orange blossom blended with sweet-smelling Rose. They say it will remind you of a light and breezy Summer’s day, so not winter at all. But this smell remains my ski fragrance, a least in my head. It is a strong fragrance, good enough to fill even a large room, not one of your namby-pamby light fragrances. Open the diffuser up, and your room will smell delicious for months. They say it lasts for several months, and it does. It gets my thumbs up, and I have bought 6 refills. It’s that good!

2. The White Company “Winter” fragrance

If you want your house to smell like Christmas, look no further! The White Company “Winter” fragrance is a mix of cinnamon, clove, and orange and smells like the holiday season. While rather inappropriate in the summer, you really can’t beat this fragrance in the winter.

Unsurprisingly it is out of stock at this time of year, but you simply must buy it for the winter. The scent is strong and will encourage you to hum the Michael Buble Christmas album from the end of October.

They say that the fragrance is the inviting aroma of stepping in from the cold. Winter will instantaneously wrap your senses with its warm, spicy scent. Curl up on an armchair as notes of cinnamon and clove add warmth to your room, while a dash of fresh orange rebalances your mood. This stylish scent diffuser is a subtle way to softly fragrance a room all day. It comes in our lovely round bottle with a polished silver-look collar and is beautifully gift boxed. It’s a real winter winner.

3. Cinq Mondes: Eau Egyptienne

For me Cinq Mondes: Eau Egyptiennesmells like the Monte Carlo Bay hotel in Monaco, even though the bottle clearly states that this fragrance should remind me of Egypt.

It is based on 11 essential oils with recognized soothing, beneficial effects, Papyrus, Rose, Mint, Geranium, Cypress, Jasmine, Incense making Eau Egyptienne has a uniquely refreshing and bewitching fragrance. Maybe it’s the essential oils that make me so relaxed at this hotel, or maybe it’s the fantastic pool!

4. Heyland & Whittle: Sandalwood Oud

Head to the Orient with Heyland & Whittle’s Sandalwood Oud, an exotically Oriental scent. This fragrance is earthy and woody with warm Sandalwood. It is deep, robust, and rich and also lasts. Sweet, smoky Oud is intense and sensual, captivating and compelling. Heyland & Whittle have blended Sandalwood, Oud, and just a hint of Rose, with character and adventure to evoke the spirit of the Orient.

5. White Company Seychelles

If you feel the need for a holiday, you can either book a trip away using our secret to getting the best deal at luxury hotels (we can get you free benefits at almost every luxury hotel around the world) or make your home smell like a holiday so you can close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else.

While not quite as fun as laying on a beach, the White Company Seychelles room fragrance evokes the balmy breeze of an Indian Ocean island. The soothing Seychelles fragrance combines notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange, and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla, and almond. This bestselling scent is a beautiful addition to every room, from your living room and bedroom to your bathroom, hallways, and beyond. This lovely scent diffuser is a subtle way to softly fragrance a room all day.

6. Sóley Ilmur Bústaður Natural Room Spray

This natural home fragrance Sóley Ilmur Bústaður Natural Room Spray, has a fresh and lovely scent of rhubarb and patchouli. It’s not a diffuser but a spray. This natural home fragrance has a fresh and lovely scent of rhubarb and patchouli. I asked my son what the smell reminded him of. His answer was “Minecraft” as I happily spray it about in the morning on the weekends when he is allowed to play his games. So for me, this air freshener smells fresh and delicious. For him, it smells of happy mornings building worlds in an animated computer game. When he’s older, I have no doubt that if he buys the scent, it will take him right back to those mornings of his childhood. Scent has a funny way of accessing and linking to your memories. That’s why it’s so important to get it right…

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