Death Defying 360-Degree Infinity Pool With No Way Out!


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Death defying swimming pools are set to become the newest architectural trend in central London, according to Compass Pools.

Infinity London will be the newest addition to London’s skyline and the only building in the world to incorporate a 360-degree infinity pool. The new pool, pictured above, will allow visitors to float over 200 metres above the capital’s skyline. It will be part of a five-star international hotel and the pool will be used by its guests. If you are planning to stay at any luxury hotel in London, we have revealed a travel secret on how to get the best deal.

The 600,000-litre pool will be built right on top of a 55-storey building. The pool will be made from cast acrylic rather than glass, as this material transmits light at a similar wavelength to water so that the pool will look perfectly clear. The floor of the pool will be transparent, allowing visitors to see the swimmers and sky above.

How Do Swimmers Get In And Out?

Alex Kemsley, Compass Pool’s swimming pool designer and technical director Alex Kemsley said “We faced some quite major technical challenges to this building, the biggest one being how to actually get into the pool.

“Normally a simple ladder would suffice, but we didn’t want stairs on the outside of the building or in the pool as it would spoil the view – and obviously you don’t want 600,000 litres of water draining through the building either.

“The solution is based on the door of a submarine, coupled with a rotating spiral staircase which rises from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out – the absolute cutting edge of swimming pool and building design and a little bit James Bond to boot!”

What Else?

The swimming pool will boast an innovative twist on renewable energy, the pool’s heating system will use waste energy from the air condition system for the building. The hot gas that is produced as a by-product of creating cold air in the building will run through a heat exchanger to heat the water for the pool.

The pool is also fitted with a full spectrum of lights which will give the building the appearance of a sparkling jewel-topped torch at night.

Infinity London could kick off construction as early as 2020 if all the partners and contractors are confirmed.

For now, if you are in London and want a hotel with an incredible pool, you are stuck with swimming in the SkyPool at The Shard if you want height, The Langham London if you want to swim in an enormous bank vault, or trying the InterContinental O2 for their gorgeous spa and pool.

For outstanding pools in the sky, we are major fans of the Four Seasons in Shanghai with its incredible pool up in the sky.

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