5 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Buy At The Airport


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Sometimes there is more on offer at the airport than duty-free booze and chocolates. Here are the weirdest things that we have seen for sale at the airport.

1. Knives

Last summer, I flew out of Geneva airport, French side, down to Nice on a delayed and frustrating EasyJet flight. For sale in the duty-free shop was a large selection of Swiss Army knives that you could take on board. Surely not a good idea?

2. Slide Rides

A much better idea is the 39-foot slide at the Changi airport in Singapore. We have detailed the best airport lounges at Singapore Changi airport, but if you don’t have lounge access, this would be a great way to while away the hours.

Changi airport houses the tallest slide in the country and the world’s tallest slide in an airport. Located in Terminal 3, it is open to kids and adults alike and stands 39 feet (or almost four stories) tall. You can get one ride on the tubular slide for every 10 Singapore dollars you spend in the airport. Love it!

3. Voodoo dolls

According to Travel + Leisure, you can pick up a one-of-a-kind Haitian souvenir at Haiti’s airport. Voodoo dolls are for sale!

4. In Terminal Massage

These are getting more popular around the world and if you fancy being pummeled by your departure gate in front of hundreds of passengers, then head to Heathrow Terminal 5 where they have set up pummeling seats in the corridors. They will massage your pre-flight stress away.

5. A Swim

Also at Changi airport, take your swimwear and buy a swim in one of the world’s most unusual outdoor airport lounges.

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