How To Fall Asleep On A Plane In 120 Seconds AND Not Get Jet Lag


Although it might seem as unlikely, there are methods used by the military, which will both get you on to sleep almost immediately during a flight and will thwart jet lag too.

The following two articles outline these two crucial methods below, which will enable you to combat the worst of international travel.


How To Fall Asleep On A Plane In 120 Seconds

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As a terrible insomniac, I find it hard to believe that any “strategy” can result in falling asleep in 120 seconds but I am game and this strategy is meant to work. In fact, this method is so good that… Read More.

CIA Has A Secret Diet That Will Beat Jet Lag Which Really Works!

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It’s not what you will want to hear. Why is everything that’s nice and makes you feel better, bad for you? Read More.

Unfortunately, these methods, effective or not, do require a great deal of effort. I prefer to drink alcohol and dose off that way, but I do get jet lag (badly) and usually a thumping headache after my flights, so my easy method does not come recommended!

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