Free Apple Music On American Airlines


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I love my Apple music. Siri plays jazz on my Apple Homepod every weekend along with Bieber for my son and various other tunes depending on our mood. It is my absolute favourite gadget. The fact that I can play any music anywhere anytime using my iTunes subscription enriches my life. No, I don’t work for Apple and this post is not sponsored by them in any way, but I do love my iTunes.

Free Apple Music On American Airlines

American Airlines have put together a partnership that is really worth having. American Airlines domestic flights will offer free access to Apple Music which started last Friday 31st Jan via their satellite internet.

To make use of this free Apple Music during your flight, your plane must be a Viasat-equipped aircraft. The deal will enable you to connect to iTunes via Wi-Fi at no cost. If you already have Apple Music you can log in with your Apple Music subscription.

Customers who don’t already have an Apple Music subscription will be able to connect to Wi-Fi at no cost, sign up onboard and receive free Apple Music access for three months. They can then use their Apple Music on all their devices.

Of course, the three-month trial is the standard Apple Music offer, the one that gets you to try it and gets you hooked so that you are unable to live without it. Guess what, if you like music, the chances are that the 3 months will hook you. Apple music is too good and it’s not crazy expensive.

You don’t get a better deal on Apple Music signing up inflight but the bonus is that you don’t have to pay for internet to get access to use your current or your new Apple Music account on any flights. Bottom line, you can access and listen to your own Apple Music on American Airlines flights which is rather nice.

Which AA Planes Are ViaSat-equipped

American offers satellite internet across its domestic fleet but this is split between Gogo and ViaSat. There are more ViaSat planes than Gogo planes but the current international fleet and Gogo planes do not offer Free Apple Music, so you have to be sure you are flying on a ViaSat planes to listen to your music.

You will find ViaSat on AA’s Boeing 737s Airbus A321s, and legacy American A319s, now or soon. Old US Airways A319s and A320s and American’s 757s don’t have ViaSat.

I can’t help wondering whether American is working on an affiliate deal for this offer and whether they get paid per passenger who then becomes an Apple Music customer. I’m sure this would be quite lucrative for them. But for those of us who are already customers, it’s a nice bonus to be able to listen to your favourite tunes in flight without having to pay for the internet!

So now you can listen to iTunes onboard.

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