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In this flight report, I include all my Hong Kong Airlines Business Class flight reviews. If you travel around Asia on Hong Kong Airlines, they tend to fly two class planes with Business at the front and Economy behind. The Business Class is the highest level of luxury they offer on these short-haul flights.

On my most recent Hong Kong airlines flight on their A330-200, I was given good food and was able to recline the seat into a fully flat bed which enabled me to sleep.

As I understand, there are other different seat configurations for Hong Kong Airlines, I would recommend taking their 1-2-1 business class planes if you have the choice!

Below you will find my most recent flight reviews of Hong Kong Airlines Business Class, you can draw your own conclusions.

Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Flight Reviews

Flight Review: Hong Kong Airlines, Business Class A330 Hong Kong to Shanghai

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In this trip report, I review my flight on Hong Kong Airlines in business class on their A330 from Hong Kong to Shanghai. This flight was for a recent work trip, and I booked with Hong Kong airlines as Cathay… Read More.

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