Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Flight Reviews


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In this flight report, I include all my Hong Kong Airlines Business Class flight reviews. If you travel around Asia on Hong Kong Airlines, they tend to fly two-class planes with Business at the front and Economy behind. The Business Class is the highest level of luxury they offer on these short-haul flights.

On my most recent Hong Kong Airlines flight on their A330-200, I was given good food and was able to recline the seat into a fully flat bed, which enabled me to sleep.

As I understand, there are other different seat configurations for Hong Kong Airlines. I would recommend taking their 1-2-1 business class planes if you have the choice!

I have also flown on their A350 Hong Kong Airlines planes, which use the Stelia Solstys seat. You will find the design and form factor familiar if you have flown Etihad 777 Business Class, Iberia, or the new Air Mauritius Business Class. It isn’t a terrible seat but comes with minimal privacy, and the ‘outward’ seats open up too much into the aisles.

Every seat comes with a fully lie-flat bed, noise-canceling headsets, and a big LCD screen. The Stelia Solstys seat is pretty roomy once you find a comfortable position.

I’m not a fan of the shoulder strap, but it is apparently an FAA regulation for these seats.

Each seat also comes with a USB outlet, a 110 Volt power outlet, a remote, an amenity kit, a pillow, and a blanket. My seat was immaculate, and the pillow and blanket seemed of high quality.

The seat reclines to 180 degrees and forms a fully flatbed. I chose to decrease the angle to about 175 degrees as I felt the plane’s upward slope made me slide.

I thought the seat was pretty lovely for sleeping – it provides enough width and length (I’m 6’3) to stretch out. The hardest part is to get into your seat when it is (fully or partially) reclined. Once settled in, I felt I had enough space, though I liked the ‘cocoon-like’ shell and privacy of the Cathay Pacific Business Class seat more.

Hong Kong Airlines A350 Business Class Service And Catering

The flight attendants seemed friendly though reserved and more chaotic than on comfort airline Cathay Pacific Business Class. Departure drinks were served during the boarding process, and before takeoff, I was able to order my main course.


The food is not great on Hong Kong Airlines. The food doesn’t look appetizing or taste particularly good (except for the cheese tray on my last flight).

I was surprised that despite the length of 14.5 hours, the only other food service would be two hours before landing. In between, snacks would be available, but for most passengers, this was lunch, and dinner would not happen until midnight – odd…

I ended up having dinner around 7:00 pm with a noodle bowl and dim sum, which was pretty decent. I skipped the dinner service before landing and instead was sleeping.

I found the flight attendants to be great at verbal communication, and service seemed friendly, though somewhat robotic.

Hong Kong Airlines A350 Wifi

Hong Kong airlines uses the T-Mobile/ Deutsche Telekom Wi-Fi. The company was one of the first out in the market but is now a generation or two behind, and the speeds are often extremely slow. Also, the packages provided by Hong Kong Airlines are limited to 100MB. I personally run through 100MB in a few minutes, so I skipped the Wi-Fi.

Below, you will find my most recent flight reviews of Hong Kong Airlines Business Class; you can draw your own conclusions.

Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Flight Reviews
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