Molvina Wine: The Perfect Wine For The Holidays


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One of my very favorite things about luxury travel is the chance to sample delectable wines the world over. Even better is when you get the chance to enjoy those wines back at home; it will always conjure warmer climates and days spent relaxing in the sunshine. The perfect wine for the holidays and for back at home is Molvina Wine produced near the beautiful Italian Alps.

About Molvina Estate & the Vineyard

Molvina Wines are created in an Italian boutique vineyard. The vineyard lies in the tiny village of Molvina, which is located in the Italian wine region of Lombardy, near the stunning Lake Garda at the foot of the Italian Alps.

The company is the result of a father and son partnership. They thrive on hard work and share a love of high-quality fine wine, and are passionate about keeping the family tradition alive. With three generations of wine production under their belt and a history of most of it being consumed before it could even leave the local area, it is now time to take on the rest of the world!

History of the Vineyard

The artisan family who creates Molvina Wines have been doing so for three generations since 1911 when the great-grandfather of the current owners, Bortolo Torri, purchased a house and set about restoring the surrounding grounds and, most importantly, the old vines that stood there. At that point, the majority of the wine produced was drunk on the spot by workers from the nearby marble quarries! Giving them an excellent walk home from their day’s work! The micro-vineyard was developed further in 2007, which formed the basis for the vineyard as it exists today. The current owners’ grandfather, Domenico, added the perpendicular rows of vines set on the steep slopes, which gives the grapes wonderful Italian sunshine throughout the day. Nowadays, the wine is created in a contemporary cellar or “Cantina” if you prefer, which I certainly do! The cellar is located in a historic building in Botticino. Molvina wine is aged in Slavonian oak barrels with the wood coming from oaks that grow in the forests of the vast plains of eastern Croatia.

Molvina Ronchi Di Brescia Rosso 2014 vintage

One of my very favorites is the divine Molvina Ronchi Di Brescia Rosso 2014 vintage. Unsurprisingly, it’s an award-winning wine with a deep flavor and an intense ruby-red color. The elegant, complex taste has a wild bouquet dominated by berries, with hints of plum and velvety tannins shining through. The grapes are harvested late when they are fully ripe, and so are at the peak of their sweetness. The wine is then aged in the Slavonian oak barrels for up to 60 months. This creates an unmistakable aroma, with those red berry fruits coupling with a gently vanilla aftertaste. Perfect to enjoy with roasts, game, and red meats or, as I prefer, a plate of Italian matured cheeses. The wine retails at £36 GBP per bottle.

Molvina Ronchi Di Brescia Rosso 2012 vintage

Superior even to the 2014 vintage is the 2012 vintage. This divine, rare wine is one for special occasions to bring out at your next dinner party. Despite its full body, it’s very drinkable. Perfect for gifting, too, it’s beautifully presented in a classic black and red bottle with a matching box.

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