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Can you fall in love with a suitcase? Maybe not but if I were to fall for a piece of luggage, it would be a Thule suitcase!

Thule cases help to make luxury travel easy. They are so very light and work so well. The rollers don’t jam and the case stays stable behind you as you pull it along even when you mount curbs. My previous case used to twist like a ballet dancer when it came to a curb and always ended up backwards in a heap on in the gutter during its trip from the conveyor belt to my taxi.

Thule are a Swedish based company that know their stuff, probably because suitcases are just one small cog of their range of creations. They develop all sorts of products so that those who buy them can live an active life a little easier, much like a Dyson Vacuum. They produce suitcases, roof racks, roof boxes and bike racks that you use on the car, camera bags as well as multisport and bicycle trailers. I particularly their jogging strollers, which are of no use to me now our boy is 8, but would have been an incredible asset when our boy was younger.

For me, it is their suitcases that are both special and useful. They are amazingly light, they roll well, they have all sorts of useful pockets and zips so you can keep your chargers separately from your clothes and even a special zipper to give easy access the stuff in your case after it has been sealed and clipped up and is ready to be stowed.

Thule products can be found in all corners of the world, in distant beaches of Australia, on Boston’s streets, on bicycle routes high in the Andes and in the Alps ski resorts. One set of Thule suitcases are also regular visitors to London Heathrow as shown in the photo above.

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Thule Luggage

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