New Food In The British Airways Business Class Lounge At Heathrow Terminal 5


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I am happy to report that not only are British Airways bringing back their Club Europe afternoon tea scones & cream, but they have also added a picnic area to the British Airways Business Class Lounges at London Heathrow Terminal 5. There is a new selection of sandwiches which included tuna, egg, and chicken with a curry flavor when I was there, along with two types of cake. Everything was sitting on a fake grass and looked rather nice with a picnic basket as the setting. It could have been Wimbledon-themed, but seeing as this was the end of August, it was the wrong time of year for Wimbledon. Take a closer look at my pictures above to see how nice it all looked on my last lounge visit.

They have also revamped the look of the units serving food, although the content remained much the same, with chicken curry, rice, jacket potatoes, peas and carrots, a meaty dish, and soup and rolls. There were pictures of pizza on the newly decorated walls, but I didn’t see any between 1:00 – 3:00 pm when I last visited. I have previously reviewed the food in this British Airways lounge in more detail, but my previous review came before the sandwiches were added into the food mix.

Otherwise, the lounge remains pretty much the same with similar magazines and seating areas. you can read my full review of the South British Airways Business Class Lounge At Heathrow and the North British Airways Business Class Lounge At Heathrow. Don’t ask me why, but we always chose the South Lounge.

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