Team Building Done Right: 6 Ideas for Your Next Bonding Adventure


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Don’t be the team that discusses team building but never does anything. Team building activities need to be fun and engaging. Here are 6 ways to bond with your coworkers, build team mentality, and reinforce positive relationships.

For All Day Fun: Escape Rooms

There are a few ways to host these, or you can always find an escape room near you. If you’re looking to get the benefit of team building without any work put in beforehand, an escape room is a great idea.

Take your team on an escape room adventure. The idea behind escape rooms is that they will encourage people to work together and find clues. Some escape rooms are very elaborate and themed, but others are simple.

You can find an escape room that fits you and your team on Groupon. Always discuss with your team first what sort of experience they would like to have. An escape room can be fun, scary or a lot of things between the two.

For A Quick Office Boost: Play a Game

Games will never lose their flair. But, bringing them into an office setting can help spark creative thinking, and build relationships.

You can go all-out and set up a 1950s gameshow style set in a park, or you can host it right in your office. But, some of these games are a great way to get to know your team members. Try playing:

Lingo: have the manager choose a letter (and a secret word) and then have staff work together to fill in the 5 letter by 5 letter block with as many words as possible. The winners are the ones who get the secret word.

“Newlyweds” game: Scale this game up for more than 2 players with multiple rounds putting each person in the spotlight. Allow them to see how their coworkers view them, and who they really know. Use index cards to reveal what you think you know about your coworkers.

Board Games: Many offices keep running board games for lightning rounds of team building. If your team needs more than a day out of the office, set up a classic game board and lay down a few rules for speed rounds.

These games might not seem office-friendly, but many only require a few minutes of play. Some rules that put a time limit on rounds can help keep the energy going.

To Get to Know Each Other Better: Tell Campfire Stories

We’re not saying go out into the woods and make a fire. But, you can portion out an hour or so for each member of your team to tell a story about themselves. The great fun here is that the stories can be true, or fictional.

You can use spark words or phrases such as “I was so afraid” or “The last time I ____” to get the storytelling going. This idea is another quick option to tide over your team until a larger, day-long team building comes along.

Make Time for Your Team – Spa Holidays

Who doesn’t want their employer to support a bit of pampering? A spa day can bring on some much needed relaxing time. It can clear the air when there is animosity on a team and let everyone come in refreshed the next day.

Find Groupon extra discounts, so you’re not breaking the team’s budget! Having a day at the spa can eliminate a lot of the excess thoughts that are preventing your team’s productivity levels. Revitalize your staff!

Take Your Team Out – A Quick Trip

Whether your trip keeps your team out for the weekend, or just overnight, your team can have time to bond. A quick trip can let your team catch up on the aspects of their lives that they would otherwise spend the day trying to discuss.

You can incorporate some structured segments into your trip to help people get to know each other better. You can set up different areas for people to discuss kids, career goals, significant others, or upcoming events like birthdays. Try glamping or a beach day.

Make Your Team Move: Try a New Sport

Not everyone is athletically-able, but many people still enjoy trying new things. Trying new things together is the perfect way to team build. There is no doubt that you can find something that everyone will enjoy.

Take your team out to indoor ski-slopes, on paintballing adventures, or even golfing. Plenty of sports invoke a friendly sense of competition, and that allows everyone to participate. Games are usually a great team-building activity because your team can learn something new together.

Finding the Perfect Team Building Activity

It might sound hard to find the right activity for your team. But, the best way to find a team building idea that will fit for everyone is to make it fun and engaging. Sports, escape rooms, and games give you the opportunity to connect and bond. But, spas and collective vacations ensure that your whole team can recharge together.

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