J-Pillow: The New, Unique & Supportive Travel Pillow


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Regular readers of Luxury Travel Diary will know that I love a travel pillow! With so much of my time spent on planes, my comfort is vital and when I’m jetting off on my latest luxury travel the last thing I need is to arrive at my destination with a crick in my neck having had a restless sleep. I have several travel pillows that I use regularly but I’m always keen to add another to my armoury and so was delighted when the brand new J-Pillow came across my desk!

A Unique Shape

The really unique thing about the J-Pillow is its shape. As well as the loop behind your neck it has a section that curves up to support your head. They call this a 3 way support system and it means that your head, neck and chin all get supported. It fills that gap between head and shoulders, it supports your neck, and prevents nodding dog syndrome when your head falls forward just as you drift off into a gentle slumber! It’s also multi-positional, so you can adjust it to suit your shape, to the perfect angle and just to get extra comfy. This all means it can help you get a lovely sleep no matter where you are. For me that seems to be mainly planes but it would work just as well in a car, on a train, a coach, a cruise boat or wherever your luxury travels are taking you next basically! If you can’t be in a bed, this is the next best alternative to ensure you get some shut eye and arrive rested and ready for your holidays.


The pillow is made from super soft material inside and out making it feel snug and cosy. It also comes in four colours and prints; the safe and goes with everything options of Navy and Red or the more daring, ideal if you want to stand out choices of Red and my personal favourite; Zebra print. It’s also machine washable so it stays nice and hygienic; especially important if, like me, your other half likes to borrow it! Your J-Pillow comes with a handy carry bag which compresses the pillow down to half of its usual size and there’s also a snap loop fastener so you can attach it to your luggage making it easy to transport with you on your travels.

It’s not just me who’s a fan either, it’s award winning, has featured in The Independent, The Daily Mail, USA Today and the Los Angeles Times and there have been over 1 million sold worldwide already!

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