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British Airways Dream Tickets Deal: Flights From 28 GBP!


Book A Hotel

British Airways currently has a “Dream Tickets” flight offer where you can book 2 for 1 First Class tickets. They also have some amazing deals within Europe too.

European Flight And Hotel Deals

The best way to save on travel within Europe is often to combine flight and hotel packages. British Airways “dream flights” sale is a great example, with great offers for two people booking and sharing a room.

Take one of my favorite destinations, Nice (the picture above is of the landing into Nice Airport):

Flights to Nice start at an amazing £28 GBP each-way in November. These flights are often from Gatwick or at less ideal times but if you shop around you should find something worth picking up. Add in 2 nights at the Monte Carlo Bay and the total price comes in at just £266 GBP pp including flights! The Monte Carlo Bay has a large indoor-outdoor pool so is a great place for a weekend break. Of course, there are cheaper hotels but we love this one!

The Hotel Hermitage, another favourite of ours and a top-of-the-range luxury hotel comes in at £314 GBP including flights.

For a longer low season break, stay 5 nights at the Hotel Hermitage from 19th-23rd February for £751 GBP including flights. Secure it with a £300 GBP deposit and earn 1502 extra Avios in addition to the Avios which will be earned from the flights. The Avios earned from the flights will be 324 or 646 Avios depending on whether BA classes your economy tickets as Economy Lowest or Economy Low.

Or how about 5 nights at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel from 20th-25th Feb for £634 GBP pp?

Both these packages include a checked bag, making them great value. In addition, if you pay with a Premium BA credit card (see below) you will collect 3 Avios for every £1 GBP spent with British Airways flights and holidays. So you will get a further 4506 Avios on the Hermitage package.. over 6,000 Avios in all for the booking.

The bad news is that breakfast isn’t always included. Before you make any booking at a luxury hotel it is also worth also checking with our luxury travel concierge as you might find us even better value. When you book with us, you will get your own status, benefits, and points as well as our extra discounts and upgrades on luxury hotels.

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