United Will Be Trying To Sell You Their Credit Card On Your Next Flight


The credit card game is big business. It is a major revenue stream for most travel blogs and now United Airlines wants a piece of the action…

American’s President Scott Kirby has found that United’s credit card program is lagging and and believes that pitches onboard planes are the single most effective acquisition channel.

So from 1st September, United will be pitching you their credit card on every domestic and international flight. These credit card announcements will be mandatory. United believe that they are educating the consumer since most passengers fly the airline no more than once a year.

To motivate crews, a promotional $100 kickback would be given to any flight attendant who acquired a customer — up from the current $50 bonus.

My Thoughts

Everyone has to make a living, and that includes airlines and bloggers, but enforcing commercials for credit cards whilst taking away the complimentary beverage and snack service on many International flights is a bit much. Particularly because you are pitching to paying passengers.

If United is to insist on pitches during the flight, how about using some of the revenue generated to improve the in-flight offering? How many credit cards would they need to sell before they had covered the cost of a snack and beverage for every passenger in Coach? One? Two.

Come-on United, we will endure your pitches but give a little back eh?

(HT: ViewFromTheWing)

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