SUSU: The Ultimate Bags For The Summer


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I am terribly lucky that the beach pictured above is my local beach, and the bag pictured above is my beautiful beach handbag.

Yes, it has been a surprisingly glorious summer in the UK so far, and living by Sandbanks beach has been a complete blessing. There’s nothing like beating the crowds and nipping down to the beach first thing in the morning when the dunes are still wet with dew, and the freshly washed sand is footprint-free.

Of course, style on the beach is important but really quite hard to achieve. Forget heels (they sink), and my hair never holds a style once a sandy breeze takes hold. Add to this that a Chanel handbag looks beyond stupid, and you can be left rather confused about maintaining style while not looking like you’ve tried too hard.

I stick with flip-flops or go barefoot. My bible of beach handbags is the SUSU range. They are perfectly sized to store car keys, a purse, suncream, sunnies, hankies, and anything else you keep in your handbag. They look fabulous on the beach and come in such a range of bright summer colors that will bring a smile to your face even out of season.

What you can’t see from the photo above is how beautifully they have been handcrafted. Each bag is a piece of artwork, carefully finished and made with love. This is because SUSU works with the indigenous women of the ethnic Colombian Wayúu group. The beautiful and colorful patterns are handmade by expert knitters using a single-string technique. Every knitted pattern has a woman, a family, and a real-life story behind it. A standard-sized bag takes around 40 hours of work from a knitter. This artisanal process produces the most vibrant patterns and highest quality craftsmanship.

When you buy SUSU Accessories, you are genuinely doing good, promoting a sustainable lifestyle with a Fair Trade philosophy for nearly 350 Wayúu knitters and their families, so do look around and pick up something special this summer.

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