Review Araliya Lounge At Bandaranaike International Airport

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I reviewed the Araliya Lounge at Bandaranaike International Airport before boarding my Austrian Airlines B777 Business Class flight Colombo to Vienna.

Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and all other Star Alliance airlines do not have their own lounge. Instead, Business Class passengers have access to the uninspiring Araliya lounge.

This lounge and also caters to passengers from other airlines (including KLM & Qatar Airways).

The lounge was a large room with comfortable but dated, lounging seats were arranged around coffee tables. One side of the lounge featured an OK buffet serving hot and cold dishes, including Sri Lankan curries.

There are also a few work stations with computers available. The lounge needs refurbishment. The best part of the lounge was the floor-to-ceiling windows which offer a great view of the apron and runway (see photos in scroller above).

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