Incredible Photography With Your Phone: New PanoClip


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I adore taking photos on my luxury travels, not only are they fabulous fun to look back on when I’ve returned to the slightly-cooler climate of the UK, but they are excellent ways to show my family and friends my latest jaunts, and yes, to make them slightly envious sometimes too! Now I have an even more impressive way to fully capture my next trip. I love 360° photos but it’s a pain to actually take the images and I can never be bothered to lug extra cameras on my trips. Brand new product, the PanoClip, is the answer to this!

The PanoClip allows you to turn your iPhone into a 360° camera. Simply slot the compact lens over your iPhone camera and your iPhone becomes the ultimate 360° camera and lets you share the amazing results with your family, friends and online community. Perfect for my next luxury break!

How Does it Work?

The PanoClip literally snaps vert neatly onto the top of your smartphone. It uses an innovatively designed dual-lens system to combine the images from your phone’s front and rear cameras to create a seamless 360° photo. Simply open the companion app and start snapping away! Sharing is super-easy too and there are integrated publishing options for Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook.

The pioneering product is quite literally the first device to work in this way. Traditional 360° cameras use two or more cameras and stich the resulting images together, whereas the PanoClip ingeniously uses the two cameras that you already carry around with you every day: on your smartphone!

Dazzling Effects

The revolutionary PanoClip is perfect at creating vibrant, dynamic scenes and works especially well for action shots. It’s great at music festivals or parties as well as buzzing markets, historic sights and on paradise beaches.

You can also create the wonderfully known “Tiny Planet shots”. These effectively roll your entire 360° view into a square giving you the very funky effect of your subject standing on a tiny planet of which they are king! They are super-fun and are a totally unique way to share your surroundings with your friends.

The PanoClip’s Spin View feature means you can make full use the 360° photos on any social media platform, even those that don’t support 360° content by creating short video clips.

The app also lets you apply a range of colourful filters and add stickers to your 360° scene to create something stylish or just extra-goofy! Or, for a really fun effect, use SkyWarp to totally wow your friends. The PanoClip app detects the horizon in your outdoor shots and then swaps the sky to a selection of alternative skyscapes that flow in time to some tunes! Just don’t let on to anyone that it’s not just your whizz editing skills at work!


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