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One of my favourite things about luxury travel is visiting excellent restaurants and eating amazing different cuisines around the world. The only difficulty is knowing which are those excellent restaurant, where to find those hidden gems and the little places that the locals like to keep to themselves. Well I have the answer; Secret Food Tours have created some amazing and unique foodie tours and best of all, they are currently in 26 cities worldwide!

About Secret Food Tours

At Secret Food Tours they believe that food reveals so much about a place and the real way to get under the skin and into the very soul is to eat! Their tour guides are passionate and knowledgeable about both the area they are touring and, vitally, about food and very often wine too. They are often experienced tour guides or culinary connoisseurs who make the tours fun and engaging. There is a tour to suit every palate and every taste. The tours tend to last around 3 to 3.5 hours, involve a little walking between 4 to 8 stops, and are vegetarian friendly. All the tours include a Secret Dish which is only revealed on the day!

Where are the Tours?!

In Europe you can take tours in the historic cities of London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Dublin and Budapest. In the Untied States, you can discover all about the cuisine of San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Charleston and Las Vegas. Canadian tours take place in: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal and Asian tours can be experienced in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Hanoi. And watch this space as they’re adding new locations all the time!

In many of the cities there are several tours to choose from so you can go on the tour best suited to the precise area or type of cuisine that appeals to you most. For example, in London you can choose between a London Bridge Traditional Food Tour, a Brick Lane Indian Food & Curries Tour, a Shoreditch Local Food Tour and a Shoreditch Local Craft Beers Tour.

Some of their most popular and most iconic tours are in Paris, Rome and New York, read on for a little more detail on these magical tours…


No trip to Paris would be complete without a little gastronomic indulgence and letting Secret Food Tours be your guide is the very best way to experience fine French food and wine. Their team of local Parisians are wildly passionate about French cuisine and are keen to show you why eating and drinking are not just a pastime but a way of life in France. Sample macaroons in Montmartre, visit at least one chocolatier to sample handmade confections, pick up French cheeses from a fromagerie and succulent French hams at a family run butcher, with a final stop at a 200-year-old wine cellar to taste some fine French wines – c’est magnifique!


Italian food and wine is somewhat legendary and so taking a food tour in Rome is a must. Start your award-winning tour with a café stop to sample an authentic espresso or cappuccino then get started on the most amazing pizza you’ve ever tasted! Tuck into fried risotto balls called suppli and mooch around the vegetable market at Campo de Fiori. Visit a 60 year old bakery down a back street where no signs even exist to alert you to this secret location! Drink wine in a 2025 year old cellar, try two different types of pasta in the Jewish Quarter, learn about the history of carbonara, and wash some Italian cheese down with a glass of local wine before ending with an artisan gelato – semplicemente eccellente!

New York

In the Big Apple, Secret Food Tours take you into the heart of the historic neighbourhood of Greenwich Village on the lower west side of Manhattan. This iconic area is one of the oldest in the city and the flavours you will uncover here are legendary. Start with a classic New York bagel, then onto a sensational sandwich, the Reuben, sample pizza American-style and marvel at the contrast with this dish in Rome, the tour ends with a cupcake of course!

Secret Food Tours

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