Latest Innovation Or Crazy? BunkBeds On A Plane


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I am always fascinated by the latest in-flight innovations. Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace have a brilliant new development; lower-deck bunk bed modules. The new passenger modules will be easily interchangeable with regular cargo containers during a typical turnaround if required. Moreover, the aircraft’s cargo floor and cargo loading system will not be affected at all, as the passenger module will sit directly on it.

Is this idea brilliant or crazy? Will it take-off? (sorry!).

Apparently yes, as these bunk beds will be available as soon as 2020 on A330 planes for retrofit and line-fit markets and they may also become available for A350 XWB airliners.

If these bunk beds do become a reality, this kind of experience is out of reach of your average traveller. That said; a free flight or upgrade is achievable with a bit of effort. Have a read of our 10 tips to upgrade your next flight free to find out how you can experience luxury in the sky.

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