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I work from home, so it is important to me that my environment is low stress and that my house is a haven of peace and loveliness. I achieve this by keeping things quiet, tidy and warm. I try and pick neutral decor with accessories that make me smile such as photos of my loved ones on the walls.

I have gone out of my way to remove badly chosen migraine-inducing wallpapers and carpets and I also use fragrance to help my mood as there is little better than walking into a room that smells delicious. To that end, my chosen room fragrances have become a signature of my home, and make me feel relaxed at home.

For this reason, I started experimenting with fragrance away from my home. When I arrive in a strange hotel room late at night, with unfamiliar smells, in an unfamiliar destination, I find it hard to de-stress which means it takes me ages to get to sleep. As a result, I end up feeling groggy for much of my trip away. When you are paying to stay at a luxury hotel, the last thing you want to do is waste your time feeling like a zombie, so I have tried a number of different things to make me feel more at home, and scent is the easiest and least expensive way to recreate home when I am away.

I use my PAIRFUM voyage room fragrance to recreate home when I am away and I find that I go to sleep noticeably faster as a result. Plus my hotel room always smells super nice (except in Austria where my consumption of cheese from the evening cheese trolley seems to ooze out of my pores in a disgusting way by the morning!).

What I particularly like about these sprays and the reed diffuser that I use at home (pictured above) is that The PAIRFUM room diffuser is both natural, biodegradable and VOC free.

You may not know, but the vast majority of scented oils, aroma diffuser and cheap reed diffusers currently offered for sale, use carrier solvents to save cost. These are not eco-friendly and also classified as VOC ( ‘volatile organic compound’ ) under EU and US legislation. These materials are not healthy for your lungs plus they deplete the ozone layer. The PAIRFUM reed diffusers and fragrances are VOC free, knowledge which also helps me sleep at night.

I also use a pillow spray to help me get to sleep both at home and when I am away. Whether the spray is genuinely effective or if it is more a comfort-placebo effect, I am not 100% sure, but the result is very definitely a better night sleep. The more sleep I get, the less stressed I am. Job done!

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