Wild Gros Morne’s Tablelands Boat Tour: An Adventure Like No Other


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On the west coast of Newfoundland, in eastern Canada you’ll find the magnificent Gros Morne National Park. Here Wild Gross Morne take you on epic tours to have adventures like no other!

Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne is a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 1,805 square kilometres. The park takes its name from the mountain peak in the Long Range Mountains. Western Brook Pond, a freshwater fjord in the park which was formed by glaciers, is lined with cliffs and waterfalls. The bewildering landscape also features the desert-like Tablelands area with bizarre rock formations created by the earth’s tectonic plates colliding!

Wild Gros Morne

Explore “Gros Morne’s Best Kept Secret” with the experts. Wild Gros Morne do things a little differently with their tours. They take small groups on personalised and memorable experiences. Be it a boat tour, guided hike, wilderness trek, beach walk, wildlife viewing or even a culinary adventure; the tours are designed with creativity and allow you to experience the magnificence of Gros Morne on your own terms. You can take guided yours, which we would definitely recommend, or they can drop you off the boat for you to do your own exploration. They also realise how photographic the area is and know all the best spots to get some sensational unique shots for budding photographers.

Wild Gros Morne Tours

The tours run by Wild Gros Morne tend to explore an area rather than being listed as a traditional boat trip or hike. They really allow you to get to the heart and soul of a place. So, their “Explore the Fjord” tour combines a mixture of a boating and hiking adventure to get you to the exact best spots; enjoy the surreal experience of travelling deep into the glacier-carved valley and hiking to amazing viewpoints. Or, if you’re peckish, try the Gros Morne Taste Test which immerses you in the cuisine of the region with an adventurous twist of course as you dine in unique outdoor locations!

Wild Gros Morne Tablelands Boat Tour

One of their most popular tours is the 2 hour Wild Gros Morne Tablelands Boat Tour on the Trout River Pond fjord. The rather special tour takes you to an area of Gros Morne ordinarily inaccessible to visitors. Ride the swift, open Zodiac boat (dress accordingly, getting sprayed is part of the fun!) with your small group and venture deep into the glacier-carved valley where you are surrounded on both sides by the towering cliffs of the world-renowned Tablelands and equally impressive North Arm Mountains; a once in a lifetime experience. Encounter first-hand the geological features that shaped this remarkable area and spot caribou, moose, bear and arctic hare; all who call this section of the park home. Take your camera too as the tour takes you to some magnificent viewing spots. You can even choose your departure time; go early and you’re liking to see more wildlife, go mid afternoon for maximum waves if you want a real thrill on the water!

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