Vera Pure: Beautiful China, Delicate Glassware & Exquisite Cutlery


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If like me, part of what you love about fine dining in a luxury hotel is the place setting, the beautiful china, the delicate glassware and the exquisite cutlery then check out VERA PURE and their range of luxury glassware and silverware for that fine dining experience at home.


VERA PURE is a high-end design company that create exclusive glassware and silverware from their studio in Heerbrugg, Switzerland. The family-run company was founded in 1987 by Vera Purtscher, an Austrian-Swiss architect and designer.

The inspiration behind the brand started when as an architecture student in Vienna, Vera fell in love with an outstanding “Round Model” cutlery by Josef Hoffman. Then the realisation occurred that although stunning from a design perspective, something was lacking in terms of function and so an idea formed. Vera Pure’s tableware endeavours to be both timelessly beautiful as well as offering a new functional innovation to a traditional implement. It adds a certain perfection to fine dining; easy Italian elegance, Swiss precision, exacting standards, exclusivity and a high degree of innovation.

Moonlashes Cutlery

The key idea behind the striking MoonLashes Cutlery was that the cutlery should lie perfectly in the hand. This led left-handers’ and right-handers’ versions of the spoons and forks; a fact which always delights so often over-looked left-handers’. The range is not only aesthetically stunning but highly functional being ergonomically perfect. It feels even more exclusive as it has to be made by hand.

Within the range, the spoon is placed slightly asymmetrically which not only looks fabulous but makes it much easier to use. The fork gently slants to pierce and hold foot perfectly. The knife is weighted exactly to ensure an improved cutting experience. An unusual length of handle limits how often the cutlery slips into the plate. There’s also the Picc which is perfect for elegantly eating finger food and can be paired with the flute from the SinStella Glassware range. My favourite has to be the butter spreader which has a wonderful symmetry which hugely appeals to me.

When the range was released in 2002 it quickly grabbed the attention of top chefs and restaurateurs and today is used by fine-dining restaurants worldwide including Gabriel Kreuther in New York, Tantris in Munich, Ikarus restaurant in Red Bull’s Hangar7 in Salzburg and Steirereck restaurant in Vienna. You really can have the fine dining experience in your own home.

SinStella Glassware

The most recent design to add to the growing portfolio is the stunning SinStella glassware. Again, the luxury glassware manages to perfectly balance the aesthetic with the functional. The standout and totally unique design includes a sculptural handmade base which holds different mouth-blown crystal inputs. The base can either be used for a variety of vessels, from a flute or a shot. This novel system also works perfectly for food and can be used to creatively serve an aperitif or an amuse-bouche. There’s even a modular base available so several vessels can share the same base; beautifully social as well as reducing the chance of glass breakage.

Vera Pure

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