The 10 Best Airlines In The World Reviewed


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Tripadvisor has released their listing of the 10 best airlines in the world, according to travellers. The winners were chosen based on airline reviews submitted on TripAdvisor Flights. The rankings were for all flight classes and what is clear is that the staff rather than the product made a huge impact on which airline came first. I tend to rank airlines by the airline by the best Business Class product which produces a completely different ranking.

1. Singapore Airlines

This ranking seemed to be based on all 3 classes and is a good choice for the no. 1 spot. I have reviewed Singapore Airlines in Business Class, First Class so you can see what you are missing.

2. Air New Zealand

I can’t comment on this choice, but according to travellers: “The flight attendants are friendly, courteous, professional, and dedicated to customer service,” and “The dinner was excellent, even in Economy class, and there was complimentary NZ red and white wine”.

3. Emirates, UAE

I do not agree with this choice. Certainly, Emirates in Business Class, has fallen behind its major competitors in the Middle East; Etihad and Qatar. Emirates remains one of the top airlines when it comes to First Class. They say: “The Airbus is huge, but the atmosphere within is comfortable, seats are wider, windows are bigger.”

4. Japan Airlines

“This airline carrier is exquisite and features great onboard meal service, drink service, and the entertainment is great,” We agree. This is a great airline with great food. You can read my Japan Airlines Business Class flight reviews to find out more.

5. EVA Air, Taiwan

I have never flown Eva Air but we have included news pieces on their Hello Kitty jets. “One of the things that separates EVA out from other airlines is in the little things. I was blown away by the novelty of the ‘Character’ flight we took. Everything from the pillows to the meals — it was Hello Kitty cuteness overload. Kids’ meals are excellent. These small personal touches made our entire flight experience so much nicer!”

6. Southwest Airlines, USA

Southwest Airlines, seems to have scored well for friendly service and the fact that bags fly free.

7. Jet2, UK

Budget airlines would not have reached into my top 10 but also took home the title of Best Airline in the UK as well as Europe’s Best Low Cost Airline. It apparently has “fab service”.

8. Qatar Airways

The hard product on Qatar in Business Class is good but we found the service to be lacking on our last Business Class flight on Qatar, It does however have a great onboard bar on the A380 and if you get their new Business Class seat, you are in for a treat.

9. Azul, Brazil

“Azul is a lovely airline, employing a fleet of Embraer regional jets offering 2 + 2 seating,” according to one voter.

10. Korean Air, South Korea

Apparently, basic economy on KA is basically economy plus on other (especially US-based) airlines. The flight staff actually made me like the experience, rather than detract from it.

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