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Lovegrove Essentials Luxury Skincare: Rejuvenate Sun Damaged Skin


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There are very few drawbacks to my wonderful luxury travels in the sun. I am a self-confessed sun worshipper and like nothing more than relaxing in my bikini poolside, however, my skin doesn’t always thank me for it. Well, now I’ve found the solution so I can get back to enjoying that beautiful sunshine worry-free! If you love the sun as much as I do, check out the fabulous range from Lovegrove Essentials; luxury skincare designed to rejuvenate sun-damaged skin.

About Lovegrove Essentials

Lovegrove Essentials develop a range of luxurious, holistic skincare. The company was founded 6 years ago by a mother and daughter team who wanted to approach skincare from a unique angle. They believe that skin issues and self-esteem should be understood and treated as part of your lifestyle. They are passionate about improving wellbeing, about treating the body as a whole; with diet, sleep, reduced stress, exercise, combined with an effective daily skincare regime and regular facial therapy treatment. The bonus is as well as improving the appearance of your skin, this reduces stress on the mind and body and in turn improves your overall wellbeing.
Hannah Lovegrove has over 40 years’ experience in beauty therapy, aromatherapy and Iyengar yoga and Hayley De Beers has worked as a make-up artist with hundreds of women and men. Combined, their knowledge was invaluable in creating a skincare brand that harnesses the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to improve your skin as well as proving healing benefits for mind and body.

Their products include ranges for the face and body with some heavenly massage balms. Several of the products are tailor-made for us luxury travellers, these are my favourites:

Lovegrove Essentials Toning Mist

This product is my go-to for refreshing onboard flights and in hot climates. Simply mist yourself and feel hydrated and refreshed. The 100% active ingredients of Rose, Geranium and Lavender floral waters make a gentle but powerful toner. I even pop the travel size mini in my bag on summer nights out as it can be used over makeup too. My top tips – soak a cotton pad and use as a cooling eye mask to ensure you arrive looking refreshed after a long-haul flight plus, it’s great for tired legs and feet too!

Lovegrove Essentials Healing Touch Serum

This product is an absolute must for fellow sun-worshippers! The potent adaptogenic blend of oils can be used on the face, neck and décolleté under moisturiser or overnight. It is perfect for sun-damaged sun as it is packed with cell-regenerating and anti-oxidant ingredients. It even works to soften fine lines and wrinkles when used for a gentle facial massage; divine.

Lovegrove Essentials Moisture Cream

One of the most popular products in the range, this light, satin-finish moisturiser is perfect over the top of the Healing Touch Serum and under your make-up. It’s also great for night-time use and can be used for all ages and skin types. The heavenly Rose Absolute hydrates, refines and brightens your complexion. Vitally for sun lovers, it’s also great at calming redness and contains Neroli to regenerate at a cellular level.

Lovegrove Essentials

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