Business Class Flight Review: Qatar Airways A380 Doha To London


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I flew and reviewed my Business Class experience on Qatar Airways A380 Doha To London Heathrow in Jan 2018. This was actually the second leg of our Qatar Airways Business Class flight from Sydney. You can read my other Qatar Airways Business Class flight reviews to see what Business Class is like on their other planes.

Before my flight from Doha to London Heathrow, I visited and reviewed the Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge at the airport.

We boarded to find everything gently illuminated pink on board (see photos above). This was mood lighting which changes during the flight to help jet lag. The seats were reverse herringbone in a 1-2-1 formation, with a single cabin of some 48 seats.

The seats were 22.2” wide and 51-52 inches of pitch in the seating position. The seat reclined to a fully flat bed 80 inches long, and your feet go in a cupboard under the TV, so no problem with stewards (unlike our first leg where a steward bumped into my legs and woke me!). We were sat in the 2 seats together with a high divider between the seats, which you could lower. The disadvantage of these seats was that you to lean forward quite a way to talk to each other, but this obviously gives much more privacy for the single traveler.

We were greeted with hot towels and offered champagne, but we stuck with orange juice to avoid headaches. We received the same amenity kit as on the first flight, along with some Evian. There was Wi-Fi, but I didn’t use it, I preferred to sleep! It was late, so we were offered a light supper and a full breakfast. We had soup, and a warm roll passed on the main course and had their delicious sticky toffee pudding. The bedding was just the gorgeous purple rug as it was a shorter flight.

The aircraft was delightfully quiet, you couldn’t feel takeoff and landing, and the engine noise was minimal. I went to the back bar in the night, which is one of the largest in the skies, which seats up to 10 at 2 sleek window-side banquettes. There were nibbles, including a chocolate mousse with fruit, and the barman was very friendly.

Breakfast was very similar to that on the first flight, but as soon as you stirred, they wanted to bring you breakfast, which was quite annoying as I like to wake slowly! It was full silver service with napkins and a tablecloth. The staff seemed very stretched to serve everyone before we began the descent, so there was no chance of a second cup of tea!

Overall it was a smooth, quiet flight. I had a good rest, and the bar area was very nice. There seemed to be less queuing for toilets than on our previous flight, but if you had been seated at the back, you would have waited a long time for your evening snack, and this would have eaten into your sleep time.

I would not hesitate to travel with Qatar Airways again, and they probably deserve their award of best Business class Airline for 2017. The only let down was the staff, who were not as friendly as those on Etihad or BA and seemed stretched at times.

Disappointingly, we couldn’t figure out how to obtain the camera picture to look forward from the tail, which would have been terrific for takeoff and landing. The steward tried to help us but was unable to access it either, even though another passenger could be seen viewing just that scene a few seats away!

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