Cathay Pacific First Class Flight Reviews


I have flown with Cathay Pacific a number of times and have reviewed their long-haul flights in First, Cathay Pacific Business Class and most recently, Cathay Premium Economy. My trip reports can be found below. Cathay Pacific also features in my top 10 best business class airlines in the world. I also have compared Cathay Pacific vs. Singapore Airlines in Business Class.

Cathay Pacific has a number of lounges at Hong Kong airport which I have reviewed, but you only get access to these if you travel in Business or First. All have different names (e.g., The Wing, The Pi, The Bridge, and The Cabin). They are spread throughout the terminal so that passengers can relax in the lounge nearest to their gate. I have reviewed most of the best airline lounges at Hong Kong airport including the “paid to enter” lounges that you get access to with a Priority Pass. The Cathay Pacific First Lounge I most recently visited was The Wing.

Below you will find my most recent flight reviews on Cathay Pacific in First Class. You can draw your own conclusions.


Review: Cathay Pacific First Class On Boeing 777-300 JFK to HKG

In "Reviews"

In this trip report, I review Cathay Pacific First Class on the B777-300 JFK to HKG. On my trips between Asia and the United States, I have had the opportunity to fly Cathay Pacific First Class a few times. Cathay… Read More.

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