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Best Travel Bed Solution For Indoors And Out


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Have you ever gone camping or glamping and needed an easy, comfortable, portable travel bed solution? Perhaps you’ve booked a hotel room, but need an extra bed for a third or fourth guest, or have you ever simply wanted to stay at a friend’s or invite them to yours but you’re one bed short? If you can say yes to any of these situations, then we’re here to help: we have tried the most obvious, easiest and best travel bed solutions for you and we believe we have found the very best travel bed solution.

Best Solution: The Bundle Bed

This readymade sleeping system is ingenious by design and well thought out. The bed and bedding come neatly packed away in its own waterproof carry case, making it perfect for use indoors and out! There’s no need for a pump as it self-inflates in less than one minute. This solution is by far the easiest to use and quickest to assemble and put away. In terms of comfort, I was surprised how comfortable a roll-up self-inflating bed can be. It’s cleverly insulated from underneath to avoid cold rising from the ground like in solution 1, so you can stay warm and snug all night long. The solution includes your very own 15 Tog super warm duvet, built in pillow and washable sheets and covers to ensure everything stays clean and smelling fresh (like home!). While not in use, the bed fits into its convenient bag in less than a minute, then you can simply sling it over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to carry other items: brilliant! The Bundle Bed truly provides the ultimate sleeping alternative to a conventional bed with its deceptively slim but super-comfortable self-inflating mattress, built-in luxury duvet and pillow, and soft, cosy 100% jersey cotton sheets for a great night’s sleep wherever you choose to rest your head! Did it work: yes, was it a good experience: yes absolutely!

Alternate Solution 1: Full size air bed, duvet and pillow

So, although this solution obviously works, the issues we encountered were that: transporting all these separate, bulky items was not quick and easy and they couldn’t all be carried at once. When we had all the items in the room, next came inflation: the foot pump took forever and the motorised pump was okay but tricky to use with lots of nozzles and it was really noisy, neither option was enjoyable. So, to the actual experience: every time I moved overnight the bed squeaked and crackled which was not restful and then to top it all off the airbed deflated quite a lot overnight, leaving my back and behind resting on the floor by the morning, which is not comfortable and rather cold! After use we had to deflate the airbed – a two man job if you want to do it quickly and then lug it all out to the car – not a quick or easy experience. Did it work: yes, was it a good experience: definitely not.

Alternate Solution 2: Roll-up camping mat and sleeping bag

Again, this solution works, and the sleeping bag is more transportable and compact than a duvet and pillow combination, but it’s not comfortable, it’s rather restrictive and the zip is cold to the touch on your bare skin. Also, how clean is your sleeping bag (?), do you wash it after every use…? Most people don’t as many are too bulky to quickly pop in your washing machine, making this experience a little less ‘glam’ and little more ‘grim’!? I personally have to say that using a sleeping bag certainly couldn’t be described as a ‘luxury travel’ experience for me!? The camping mat was practical, but it was rather thin, uncomfortable and heavy/bulky to transport. The actual sleep experience was okay, but you can’t stretch out in a sleeping bag and a mat is no substitute for a comfy mattress. Did it work: yes, was it a good experience: no.

Alternate Solution 3: Self-inflating camping mat, duvet and pillow

So, this solution does work, and the duvet and pillow combo provide the snuggly comfort you’re used to at home, but this solution still requires you to transport multiple components, which aren’t easy to carry in one go. Plus, if you’re using this solution in the great outdoors then you can’t really put it down as the pillow and duvet would get dirty and possibly wet. The self-inflating function is handy and definitely preferable to the foot pump / noisy motorised pump but it’s not that comfy when inflated. The actual sleep experience was the best so far, but it all felt rather make shift / make do. This solution was again quite slow to put out and pack away. Did it work: yes, was it a good experience: not the best.

So, whether you’re staying indoors and need to make a hotel room into a family room or sleeping in the great outdoors and want a comfortable and luxury sleeping solution, the Bundle Bed is way ahead of the rest in terms of ease of use, comfort, design, practicality and style – it certainly gets my vote!

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