Why American Airlines Is Better Than Emirates In Business Class


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When it comes to American Airlines vs. Emirates in Business Class, the non-savvy traveler may assume that Emirates is better. This is incorrect. American Airlines Business Class is by far the superior Business Class seat and offering, and here’s why.

Emirates Business Class Is Not Emirates First Class

Emirates has an impressive First Class Suite & seats which I have reviewed. The First Class on Emirates is pretty amazing. But Business Class is not First Class, and Emirates benefits from all the positive publicity from its First Class seats, which results in the impression that they are the better airline with better Business Class too. They have not, however, been concentrating on improving their Business Class product. Their new 777 planes don’t even offer First Class, and their Business Class seats don’t have direct aisle access.

Emirates A380 Product Is Good. Their 777 Is Not

Unfortunately, Emirates has more Boeing 777s than A380s. Their 777 currently only offers angled seats, not even flat seats. Brand new 777 planes will get a brand new lie-flat Business Class with a pitch of 72 inches in a seven-across, 2-3-2 arrangement. Lie-flat is great. The lack of direct aisle access remains a problem, plus the seats are thin. This Business Class seat is not as good as all of American Airlines Business Class products (with the exception of the international Boeing 757) or United Polaris (with the new seat). Air France’s Boeing 777 seat is also better, as is Business Class on Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar, and Etihad.

The Snack Bar On The New 777

A snack bar is good, right? Not if you are sitting anywhere near it! Any seats near their self-service snack bar (pictured in the scroller above) are definitely the worst ones to choose, as passengers may stand about here rustling and talking. This means that you won’t get sleep and that there will be a lot of “bad” seat choices on this aircraft. The best seats are those far away from the bar.

The best seats are the middle seats, as they avoid having to climb over anyone, and you will not have anyone climb over you. It is worth reading all my Emirates Business Class flight reviews and American Airlines Business Class reviews to compare what you will experience on each airline and plane type.

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