Ghastly Food! Airlines You Should Avoid


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According to the study published by Charles Platkin, Ph.D., the director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center and editor of, Hawaiian Airlines has the most unhealthy in-flight meals of any American airline.

Meals averaged of 971 calories (estimated by Diet Detective nutritionists).

Delta and Virgin both got four out of five stars on Platkin’s scale, which means they offer the healthiest meals in the sky from those surveyed. Delta’s average calorie count per meal, snacks included, was 480, while Virgin America’s was 340.

Do take all this advice with a pinch of salt. If you avoid the in-flight snacks which are provided and are the most calorific part of the meal, you are unlikely to eat massively more calories on Hawaiian than on other airlines. Eat sensibly and take a low calory snack with you to bulk you out; fruit, a salad or even popcorn which is surprisingly low in calories compared to crisps.

I would argue that the joy of basking in the Hawaiian sun improves your health more than one rather calorific in-flight meal might detract. Plus with the excellent Hawaiian Airlines deals to the islands, book that flight and tolerate the ghastly food.

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