Air Disaster: Plane Explodes After Crashing Into Family Home


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It is not only the people who have invested in cryptocurrencies who are feeling lucky this week (see my article on how you can join the party).

One father had an incredibly lucky week when a plane crashed into his house just a few minutes after he left for work!

Just after Max Sansa left for work, a single-engine propeller plane crashed into his Clairemont home, exploding into flames and killing two passengers.

Fortunately, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter were in New York City visiting family.

Residents described the 42-year-old Sansa as being in tears as he witnessed the flaming wreckage, which also claimed the life of the family’s dog, a Maltese Poodle named Biggie.

The accident occurred around 4:35 pm last Saturday after the engine failed on a small propeller flying out of Montgomery Field. The plane crash-landed into an empty playground behind Lafayette Elementary School and continued on further to crash into the back Max Sansa’s home.

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