Flight Review: Lufthansa A380 First Class Frankfurt To Houston


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In this trip report, I review a flight on Lufthansa A380 in First Class from Frankfurt To Houston. I also recently reviewed Lufthansa B747 Business Class Buenos Aires to Frankfurt.

This is one of the many First Class offerings from Europe to the US. We also like to travel in First Class on British Airways from the London to America.

Review Of Lufthansa First Class Terminal

There is an excellent lounge on offer at the exclusive Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport. If you are traveling in First, you can drive right up to this terminal and avoid the main airport altogether. The lounge in this terminal is swish and offers loads of magazines and papers as you would expect. There is a central bar with every alcoholic drink you could possibly wish for on offer. There is a restaurant area where you can have buffet or table food ordered off a menu, plus there are loads of lounging areas. Also on offer is a cigar room and showers.

The food here is exceptional. On a level that you would find in the top hotels of the world. Both the buffet and table food is excellent.

When you are ready to leave, you go down to the lower level of the First terminal, and an immigration officer will check your passport and then the person at the desk will check your boarding pass and introduce you to your driver who will drive you to the plane in a Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes S-Class, or a Mercedes van.

If you are leaving from a gate, you then take an elevator up to the jet bridge, and they escort you to the door of the plane. If your plane is on a stand, you just need to climb the steps.

Seat & Cabin Review In Lufthansa First Class

The First Class cabin atmosphere onboard Lufthansa’s A380 – with its clear lines, timeless design, and muted colors – creates a unique sense of spaciousness (particularly as they have removed the overhead bins). The plane features eight large seats located on the upper deck that is arranged in a pleasantly open design. An individually operable and adjustable screen lets passengers decide how much privacy they want at any time. There is also a convenient wardrobe that has plenty of room for storing luggage or clothes.

Interesting detail: the first automatic air humidification system onboard a commercial airliner also helps to create a pleasant cabin climate.

For a long flight, a lie-flat bed is an absolute must if you want to arrive fit for work rather than a visit to the chiropractor. The seats in Lufthansa First and Business Class both lie flat, although the First seats and cabin and more spacious.

On the flight, the amenity kits were handed out to each passenger individually, but they are not that exciting. The only noteworthy point is that you get grey pajamas, a soft throw blanket, and the La Prairie creams which are generous and smell nice.

In terms of layout, First Class on the A380 is set out in rows of 4 seats, 2 window, and 2 aisle (see picture above). There are only 8 seats, and there is no best seat, just the preference of window or aisle. There are also 2 toilets at the front of the cabin. When you want to sleep, the staff make up your bed with excellent bedding, and the bed is super comfy and ideal for a great sleep. The fact that you are not close to your neighbor means that sleep in First is much easier than sleep in Business Class.

Food Review In Lufthansa First

Once onboard, you are offered Champagne and nuts. When you are in the air, the main meal is served, which started with a wild salmon tartare with mango carpaccio pre-starter to go with your drink.

  • Appetizers
  • Caviar
  • Prawn Cocktail
  • Pomegranate Couscous
  • Veal with Turnip Salad
  • Mixed Leaf Salad
  • Main
  • Asparagus with Hollandaise with your choice of BlackForest Ham or Escalope of Veal plus potatoes
  • Sole with a Tomato Spinach Cheese Mash
  • Veal with Potato Cucumber Salad
  • Corn Fed Polard With Wok Fried Veg & Mash
  • Dessert
  • A Selection Of Cheese With Chutney
  • Melon Strawberry Gazpacho with Ice Cream
  • Rhubarb, Elderflower, Strawberry

The nice thing about traveling in First is that the tables are beautifully set. You get a selection of bread, and the meal is served in a very attentive manner. Of course, there is also a large selection of wines and beers and other drinks available. Most noteworthy is that when you are ordering your food, it is also not unusual to select all the appetizers at once!

Before landing, there was a snack meal to choose from with a variety of options, from salads to mini burgers.

Lufthansa has a very consistent first-class offering. Nice cabin, excellent service, and staff, good food, nice ambiance.

We have also investigated which airline offers the best First Class British Airways vs. Emirates vs. Etihad vs. Qatar.

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