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Medvisit – A Doctor Wherever You Are


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There’s nothing quite like peace of mind, especially on your travels. I like to know that if the worst should happen, I know exactly what to do and can guarantee that the service I receive will be first-class. Falling ill on holiday is something that no one wants to think about it, but taking two minutes to think about it now can make all the difference in the event that the worst does happen. And two minutes really was all it took to check-out and download the Medvisit app!

If you’ve ever been ill or had an accident while abroad you’ll know the time, hassle, and stress of trying to see a doctor. With Medvisit you have instant access to a doctor, and this is no virtual consultation either, a real-life doctor comes to visit you in person in the comfort of your hotel or home! It’s like having a panic button in your pocket wherever you go.

To arrange this service, all you need to do is download the app which is available for Apple or Android devices, and then simply contact the doctor via your mobile or tablet from the app whenever you require medical care. The Medvisit service gives you access to 24 hour a day medical care in just one hour. The service is currently available throughout the European Union, the USA, and Australia.

All the Medvisit doctors are fully certified and independently verified, they have to pass a selection process so you can be confident that you are getting the very best care; that peace of mind again! The doctors can all diagnose you, treat you, and prescribe any medication that you require exactly as your doctor does at home. Services include medical consultations, pediatrics, minor injuries, health checks, and certificates. Perfect for all traveling eventualities; from when you sprain your ankle from too much dancing to when your child gets a nasty insect bite.

You don’t need to worry about having to pay them cash either, the service is available for a fixed affordable fee of just €150 EUR per visit which includes any prescriptions, you simply pay via the app using Paypal or your credit card. Best of all, it’s reimbursable so you can (use the invoice you will receive to) claim it back later on your travel insurance!

The managing director of Medvisit, Andres Leon, was inspired by the success of DoctorsBarcelona and is passionate about his new health concept, rightly believing that it removes a lot of the stress, time and risk that people face when traveling abroad.

At Luxury Travel Diary, we are sold too! When it’s so simple and easy as just downloading an app, for the improved peace of mind and just being able to relax knowing that next time you’re traveling, should the worst happen you are prepared and know what to do, it really is a no-brainer as far as we’re concerned!

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