The App That Connects Travellers To A Human Interpreter


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My language skills aren’t as good as they should be, particularly considering my expatriate upbringing, but thanks to modern day Apps and translator services, I can work out what to ask and say, even in languages that are completely alien to me.

There is still a problem. These Apps can be cheap as chips but the resulting Franglais or Espanol that you speak sounds more like the police man in ‘Allo ‘Allo! or Manuel’s English in Faulty Towers than making me look like a smooth multi lingual traveller.

whym gives you access to a professional interpreter for when you’re in trouble, at an event or in a business meeting where you don’t speak the language at all. Billed as the App that connects travellers to a human interpreter, I have been using this translation app for my travels but also for business conversations. Simply download whym so that it is there when you need it.

whym is a live translation app that gives travellers anywhere in the world, at any time of day, access to a professional interpreter. You can simply take out your smartphone, tap the language you need and hey presto! Within 60 seconds, a professional (human, not machine!) interpreter will be on the line ready to help with all your language needs.

There are hundreds of situations where google will not cut it and whym is just the ticket. A few examples which have left me in a pickle include meetings at the World Travel Market conference in London, where I have had problems negotiating stays with hotels simply because I can’t get across exactly what we are – in their language. I also recently got stuck on the edge of Eze in France, with a driver who didn’t speak a word of English, who left me stranded at the wrong side of the village. I was left to drag my cases up many flights of stairs (in heels) to get to the Chateau Eza. If only I had downloaded whym to my phone! Be it car breakdowns, missed flights, business negotiations, ill children or getting lost in a country that doesn’t speak your language; whym can be an absolute lifesaver. Downloaded it now; it is an extra insurance against disaster and has the potential to get you out of a sticky situation!

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